Smartphone Apps on the Water

It seems that no matter where you look, every tablet, smartphone, and mp3 device manufacturer wants to offer its take on water-repellent or water-resistant cases and accessories for their devices. However, we are now beginning to see something new pop up alongside these popular “waterproofing” accessories: downloadable apps and content that actually encourage you to use your phone directly in or around water. Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, what if you are on a fishing trip, and want to be able to record your catches, look up exactly what fish species you are catching, and even get live lake reports? There’s an app for that. What if you are on your boat and want to check out the latest AIS feeds from other ships in your area in order to avoid a collision? There is an app for that as well. What if your boat breaks down and you need to view your, latitude and longitude, as well as quickly flag down a towing service to your exact location? You guessed it- there’s an app for that too. Here is a quick look at just a few of the cool apps we found that are meant to aid you in your water bound adventures:

iFish USA (IOS $4.99)

iFish USA is an app designed to give you detailed information on over 120,000 different bodies of water, weather reports, best fishing times, and even allows you to record your catches as you reel them in. The app also features a detailed species reference guide so you know exactly what you have on your line.


Ship Finder (IOS $4.99, Free; Android $2.99)

Ships Finder gives live, updated access to shipping routes. The app works by picking up AIS ship feeds used by all passenger vessels over 300 tons, and now increasingly by smaller pleasure craft and yachts. The app is easy to use and is for anyone interested in shipping, cruising, and sailing in ports and locations across the world. It’s also great if you simply want to know what boats are out there or want to see where your friends and family are.

Marine Weather (IOS $2.99, Free; Android $2.99, Free)

Marine Weather provides users with access to marine forecasts, live buoy data, tides, radar, and sea surface temperatures with either a free, ad-supported version, or a paid, ad-free app. Both apps provide greats tools for people looking to be out on the water for any period of time, but the app does require an internet connection.

Navionics (IOS and Android prices vary)

Navionics offers an extensive array of downloadable navigation charts for both IOS and Android that is ideal for boaters, fishermen, and water sports enthusiasts of all kinds. With this app you not only have access to charts, but you also get tidal information, wind forecasts, trip planning features, and social media integration so you can share your adventures with all of your friends. One of the great features offered by this app is that any downloaded chart data stays resident on your phone and is visible even when outside of wireless coverage.

With all of the cool new devices currently available on the market today, and all of the new apps being developed for IOS and Android, it’s no wonder we get dozens of requests every single day from customers asking us if we can WaterBlock their iPad to take on their fishing boat, or their smartphone to play music on at the lake. We are taking our expensive electronic devices with us just about everywhere these days, and using them to replace other tools as well. Now that apps are accommodating to that need to be everywhere, it just reinforces the need for devices that come straight from the manufacturer ready to protect against what aquatic accidents may happen.

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