Smartphone Features & The Ones That Actually Matter

Posted on December 4th, 2015 by

In the last two decades, smartphones have evolved from chunky black bricks with email, fax and calendar capabilities to sleek, stylish and unbelievably capable personal companions. Smartphones and the functionality they provide have quickly become an integral part of people’s daily lives.


Smartphones have in fact become so pervasive that 40% (and rising) of the American population suffers from a condition known as Nomophobia, or the fear of being away from their phone. Incredible.

Our dependence on these devices isn’t really that surprising, however, considering what these amazing little devices can do. We rely on them for everything from booking hotels to checking bank statements to taking pictures of our latest dessert obsession. We use them as keys, boarding passes and even credit cards. Our world literally now sits in the palm of our hand.

 The Future of Smartphones & What Really Matters

From bendy screens and biosensors, to holograms and 3D displays, smartphones of the future are slated to further solidify their place at the helm of our lives. So with all the features of the future, which ones actually matter to consumers? We asked – and here’s what we learned.

At the top of consumers wish list are very functional asks – the basic
things that keep a device active and functioning:

1. Extended battery life

2. Stronger screen glass

3. Protection from harm caused by water, other liquids, dust and debris. 

So in the end, what do consumers want? The ability to go anywhere and do anything without having to worry about a dropped, drenched and ultimately dead device. With all the functionality and flashy features on the horizon, none of them are any good if the device doesn’t work in the first place.

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