So Long Las Vegas, Hello Tokyo

Posted on January 16th, 2015 by

HZO at Japan Wearable Device Expo

HZO at Japan Wearable Device Expo 2015

We left Las Vegas and headed East, east to Tokyo to demonstrate our HZO technology at the Japan Wearable Device Expo. Experts estimate that the wearables market will reach anywhere between $12 billion and $50 billion by 2018, and based on show attendance, many global companies believe the category will be significant. Exhibitors at the Expo are primarily Japanese, Chinese, and American companies racing for a foothold in this emerging and rapidly evolving space.

From the moment we opened our exhibit, attendees interested in HZO technology started to line up to hear more about our approach to protecting wearables and essential electronic components including sensors, batteries and displays. We’re lucky to have a number of Japanese and Chinese speakers on staff to offer customers and prospects across the world an ability to conduct business in their native languages.

And, just when we thought we’d seen the majority of wearables, we were hit in the face with the new-new thing. Today we ran across a fellow exhibitor who is developing a product for IoA, better known as the Internet of Animals — enabling Internet connectivity to all animals. We’re not exactly sure how that works, but we’re intrigued, particularly since pet wearables need protection from all sorts of conditions and environments.

If your company is thinking of entering the wearables market, give us a shout. HZO has protected a series of wearables and can add value to your product too.

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