Step 1: Collect Data

We hear a lot about BIG data, but what does it really mean? In the broader context, we’re not quite sure, but at HZO we use big data to run our business. In a 3-month timeframe, HZO collects about 8 gigabytes of data, which is equivalent to 20,000 copies of the unabridged version of the great American novel, Moby Dick.

As a technology licensing and solutions company, HZO works through a network of Application Providers that apply our technology using our proprietary HZO designed equipment and processes. Many of the engagements we land are for high-volume consumer electronics, and to maximize our revenue and our customers’ ROI, we need to ensure that our HZO materials and equipment produce maximum yield with minimal downtime.

The HZO New Product Innovation team, better known around here as NPI, started a movement simply known as “Got Data”, which is their initiative to zealously measure every aspect of quality. In our quest for continuous measurement and continuous improvement, NPI uses a tool called Management By Fact (MBF). These MBF analyses include:

1. A problem statement
2. Factors to consider
3. A series of hypotheses that may explain the root cause of the problem
4. The actual analyses that will be conducted
5. Finally, the hurdle criteria to prove or disprove the possible theories

While these analyses sound complex and tedious, it has become a teaching and learning tool at HZO. Not just the HZO engineering team, but any employee — from marketing to sales to the PMO – can access and provide input to all MBFs. This is how we methodically solve problems and optimize our business at HZO.

Our big data analyses have helped us crack the code on particularly complex problems, and it may be why HZO is known for taking on assignments to protect some of the most complicated electronics from water damage — electronics that have multiple connectors and multiple PCBs.

If your company makes an electronic that needs protection from water, other corrosives, dust or debris, our talented team of engineers and technologists will work to develop a superior solution for your product. To get started, email us at sales@hzo.com and we’ll get back to you pronto.

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