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As we are quickly coming to the end of the 2014, here at HZO we think it’s appropriate to take a look at what next year may have to offer. Juniper Research just released a white paper outlining their take on 2015’s “Top 10 Tech Trends.”

The paper gives us a glimpse into many exciting things that could potentially be ahead of us in 2015. And we’ll be honest, it looks pretty exciting. Their predictions cover everything from encryption to cryptocurrency, wearables to drones, and big data to phablets and budget devices. Here are a few highlights.

I don’t think it comes as a surprise to anyone to see the big push towards cloud and data security as we are still in the aftermath of some high level security breaches. Juniper predicts that we can expect to see an increased investment in these technologies, as many companies are trying to regain the trust of consumers and enterprises.

With the launch and quick adoption – over 1 million users – of Apple Pay, it can be expected that we will see substantial growth in NFC (Near Field Communications) as consumers continue to embrace and use the technology. Other analysts refute this prediction and instead think that Apple Pay won’t really catch on for at least a few years, because it does not have enough support from retailers and credit card companies yet.

Switching gears, Juniper also anticipates 2015 as the year of the wearable. Even though smart watches and wearables have been on the scene for a while now, they have failed to endear themselves to most consumers. In 2015 it is expected that we will see a higher emphasis placed on fashion and making wearables more aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining the features that we have come to know and love. Also Juniper suggests that we will see a rise in discount devices. As price becomes an increasingly important driver in electronics markets, we can expect massive growth in the lower end of the market.

Phablets are also becoming increasingly popular among consumers as their primary media consumption device. Current trends show that tablets are really only used as a ‘second screen’ and with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, we can anticipate a surge of development in the phablet market. Maybe 2015 will mark the death of the tablet? We’ll see.

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