The ART of Masking

The HZO customer promise is that our technology protects all-important electronics from damage and failure caused by water, other liquids, corrosives, dust and debris. While our commitment is straightforward, the path to manufacturing protected devices takes a series of twists and turns. One of those twists in our quest to protect electronics is developing masking and demasking processes. Over the past two years, HZO has validated its technology on 150-plus unique electronic devices and our crack Engineering team has spent countless days and weeks developing proprietary and repeatable masking processes for our customers’ products.

So what exactly is masking? All electronics have electrical connectors and interconnects that need to be protected before HZO, an electrically insulative material, is applied. For each project engagement, HZO’s Engineering team develops tailored work instructions to protect a product’s electrical connectors before the chemical vapor deposition begins.

HZO Protected PCB

Protecting these connections is what we refer to as the Art of Masking, and it truly is an art. When masking, our team needs to practice both speed and precision, two traits that do not necessarily go together, sort of like water and electronics before HZO stormed the market.

Our engineers spend an incredible amount of time tearing down and analyzing electronics, all kinds of electronics, ranging from tiny MEMS sensors to drones and large LCDs. All of this research and analysis has contributed to HZO’s expertise in protecting electronics. Alternatives are available, but given the way competitive solutions are applied, no one can protect electronics to the same level that HZO does, including when exposed to full and extended liquid submersion.

Our engineering team also deals with the constant voice in their heads that HZO needs to continue innovating its Art of Masking. This quest leads to continuously seeking out and evaluating new masking materials and their properties. Is a material easily dispensable? Easy to apply? Quick drying? Residue-free? Easy to remove? And the list goes on.

Protecting electronics is a high hurdle, but HZO is up to the challenge. We’re known for tackling the toughest of tough jobs, the ones that others won’t even touch, and delivering on high and low volume production depending on client needs. If your company has a particularly complex electronic product family or a simple one that demands our superior solution, contact HZO. We’re the leading experts in analyzing products, working with engineers to create more cost effective solutions and develop masking schemas that will create a technology application roadmap to protect your products, regardless of the conditions they need to survive.

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