The Benefits of Protective Battery Coatings

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Propelled by the exponential growth and increasing adoption of electronics across industries, the Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery market is also experiencing notable growth, with a projected value of $94.4 billion by 2025.


Lithium Ion Battery Market Statistics


Li-ion batteries provide the highest energy density for any battery commercially available on the market and desirable benefits such as low “memory” (the tendency to acquire a minimum or maximum state of charge) and low self-discharge. Many applications depend on Lithium-ion batteries reliably supplying power to devices, such as automotive, aerospace, communications, military, industrial, marine, aerospace, and many more.


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Repercussions of Li-ion Battery Premature Failure


As crucial as Li-ion batteries are, their premature failure can have a range of negative consequences, including catastrophic events leading to cascading systems failure, expensive unplanned downtime, and life-threatening situations when mission-critical applications are involved.


HZO Coatings Protect from the Unexpected


HZO coatings can circumvent unexpected premature li-ion battery failure by protecting them from harsh environments, leading to extended battery lifetime, minimization of e-waste, and increased reliability. Our thin-film coatings, including Parylene, are applied to vulnerable components of Li-ion batteries, serving as a barrier layer from environmental threats such as corrosion. Parylene coatings are a trusted, proven method for making electronics more reliable. Compared to conventional conformal coatings, they provide superior performance, uniform coverage, and barrier properties at 50% thickness.


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Prevent Premature Failure with Corrosion Resistant Coatings


Without proper protection, corrosion can be devastating to lithium-ion batteries, causing unexpected failure. Our solution entails strategically coating every susceptible portion of a component entirely to provide powerful corrosion resistance that leads to dramatic increases in reliability. Parylene coatings’ corrosion resistance is considered among the best protective polymer materials, such as conventional conformal coatings.


Parylene Corrosion Resistance Properties


Parylene C and N have exceptionally low water vapor transmission rates (WVTR) and gas permeability (which indicate barrier effectiveness for corrosion resistance). The chart below shows the corrosion-resistant capabilities of HZO coatings, as compared to traditional conformal coatings:


Table 1: Barrier Properties of Conformal Coatings
Polymer Gas Permeability at 25 °C, (cc·mm)/(m2·day·atm) WVTR,(g·mm)/(m2·day)
N2 O2 CO2 H2 H2S SO2 CI2
Parylene C 0.4 2.8 3.0 43.3 5.1 4.3 0.1 0.08
Parylene N 3.0 15.4 84.3 212.6 313 745 29.2 0.59
Parylene F (VT-4) 16.7 0.28
Epoxy (ER) 1.6 4 3.1 43.3 0.94
Polyurethane (UR) 31.5 78.7 1,181 0.93
Silicone (SR) 19,685 118,110 17,710
Ref.: Licari, James J. Coating Materials for Electronic Applications – Polymers, Processes, Reliability, Testing. William Andrew Publishing, 2003 and various companies’ literature.


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Minimize Weight and Space


The thickness of conventional conformal coatings may add too much weight and bulk to lithium-ion batteries that are often required to power cell phones and smaller form factors. Meanwhile, our coatings have passed IPC-CC-830C testing with only half the film thickness of alternative solutions, indicating that they can provide flexibility, flammability, fungus resistance, thermal shock, dielectric withstanding voltage, moisture, and insulation resistance while minimizing weight and space.

The table below summarizes the polymer coatings thickness that was required to pass the test.


Table 2: Conformal Coating Thickness
Class Type Specimen – Avg. Coating Thickness (um)
XY Parylene N 24
XY Parylene C 30.75
XY Parylene F 38.5
AR/UR Acrylic 71.75
SR Silicone 117.25
AR/UR Acrylated Polyurethane 99


Support Sustainability Efforts


When lithium-ion batteries are stored or not used for long periods, it affects the overall product lifecycle. The longer they are stored, the more susceptible to damage they are. With our coatings, you can sustain this lifecycle, thereby averting e-waste issues common with batteries.

The following table indicates the lifetime of HZO coatings at different temperatures in air with oxygen.

Table 3: Lifetime of HZO coatings at different temperatures in air (with oxygen)
  60 °C 80 °C 135 °C 150 °C
Parylene C ~100 years ~20 years ~70 hours ~24 hours
Parylene N ~10 years ~1 years ~9 hours ~1 hour


Furthermore, our coatings are inherently sustainable, REACH, and RoHS compliant, with no cure time. There are:

• No VOCs
• No Solvents
• No Catalysts
• No Disposal Issues
• No Pollution Threats


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At HZO, we provide coating protection and engineering and manufacturing solutions that meet or exceed requirements with legacy solutions. To improve throughput and decrease turnaround time, we have built proprietary equipment that allows more substrates and components to be coated in one batch than any other Parylene provider in the industry. Cost-cutting measures include the usage of unique, industry-leading automated masking and demasking processes to ensure that components that should not get coated do not.

With a dedication to quality, the experience of having coated millions of components, and convenient business models and turnkey solutions, we look forward to hearing from you and crafting a custom coating solution for your next lithium-ion project. Reach out today.

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