The Environmentally Safe Side of HZO

HZO is passionate about electronics. All electronics. Anything that contains an electronic component or PCB board, from drones to wearables to cell phones, we stand up and take notice. HZO works with OEMs and manufacturers to protect electronics from damage caused by water and other corrosives. Yet, our mission goes further.

When we found out that nearly 2.5 million tons of e-waste is either trashed or recycled each year in the U.S. alone, we wanted to spread the word to electronic makers and manufacturers that HZO can be a solution. Our planet is precious and HZO stands ready to do its part.




In almost all instances, HZO technology will protect electronics from the damaging effects of exposure to corrosive environments for the life of any device or product. By extending the usability of electronics beyond the timeframe of the original owner, HZO Protection is helping create a long tail of usage in the resale market by keeping electronics out of e-waste graveyards.

HZO’s source material is made of non-toxic, organic materials that are safe both for humans and the environment. Our formula is so safe that it is even approved for use on devices that need to be implanted into the human body. This offers OEMs–across multiple industries-–that are designing new products an alternative to the water resistant and corrosion choices they had to choose from in the past.

If you are an OEM or manufacturer evaluating ways to protect your products from water, other liquids, and any kind of corrosive environment, contact HZO. We’re ready to work together to develop a solution that will set your products apart from the competition.

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