The Good, the Great & the Weird – CES 2016

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The gates have opened, announcements have been made, unveilings witnessed and CES still isn’t over!

From curvy TV’s to shiny new wearables, and connected cars to connected homes, CES 2016 – much like every CES before – has not disappointed. Everywhere you look, and every booth you pass seems to be offering up some new innovation for 2016. Some good, some amazing and others are just plain odd. Lets take a look at a few of them.

The Good – Health Tracking Wearables

Fitness trackers are no strangers to CES, flooding the halls with legacy devices that measure your steps, jumps, calories and a collect whole assortment of “potentially useful” data. CES 2016 is no different, but on the bright side there have been a few companies that have launched products with the specific intent to improve lives, not simply monitor fruitless data.


Omron displayed its recently released blood pressure monitor that allows you to get a reading without putting on a big strap around your wrist. ReliefBand showed off a bracelet that potentially can reduce morning sickness for women, and TempTraq toted a patch used to monitor the temperature of infants while they’re sick. Who knows what the future holds for these types of devices, but they seem to be improving year after year.

The Great – Automotive Innovation

Faraday has been on the short list of companies to watch for a while now, and CES 2016 was the perfect platform for them to officially unveil their first project, the FFZero1. The car – if you can actually call it that – is everything that you think of when you think of futuristic vehicles, 100% electric, 1000 horsepower, 0-60 in 2.6 seconds, modular components, smart phone in the steering wheel, and so packed with sensors that it will be capable of autonomous operation.













NVIDIA also came to the CES alter with a mind blowing offering – a super computer that is taking autonomous driving from fairytale to a reality. The liquid cooled Drive PX 2 computer totes the power of 150 MacBook Pros, has 12 CPU cores, 8 teraflops worth of processing power, and claims that it can achieve 24 trillion operations a second. Understand? Yeah, me neither.

Forget the specifics, all you need to understand is that the unbelievable horsepower that the Drive PX 2 offers will allow for deep learning in autonomous vehicles. It will allow them to evaluate uncommon situations (like a child darting into the street, or an over crowded parking lot) and make real time decisions. The Drive PX 2 is slated to become the brains of the world’s first fully autonomous vehicles.

 The Weird – “Smart” Clothes & Accessories

“Belty, “the self-adjusting belt, once again showed up to CES this year with the Good Vibes or “GV.” In this latest installment of the “Belty” it now comes with vibration functionality, meaning it can bug you when you have been sitting too long or even nag you if it feels like you aren’t hydrated enough. How? Not really sure. On the bright side, the Belty GV has really upped its game in terms of aesthetics, and it now looks like a belt we wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear.

The French company Zhor Tech is taking tech, “Back to the Future” with their self-lacing (laceless) sneakers. Theses new age kicks are taking away the aches, pains, and overall hassle of tying your shoes. With their revolutionary new app, you can not only tie your shoes with the click of the button, but you can also measure your steps and the pressure of each step. Useful right?


Well as you can see, the first few days of CES have been jam packed with cool events, amazing tech and weird and funny gadgets. HZO has had a great few days as well. Stay tuned to see how we topped last years 40” waterproof TV!

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