What New Wearables Will Emerge at IFA?

Today the team from HZO starts heading to Berlin for IFA, the European equivalent of N. America’s behemoth International Consumer Electronics Show

smart-watch at IFA

(CES). Like CES, this show is a big, bold event that will include nearly 1,500 exhibitors from 47 countries, drawing in an estimated 245,000 attendees over the course of six days.

From the looks of it, IFA 2014 will keep the trend alive and well as a slew of new smart watches are likely to be on display. As exciting as these advances are, there has yet to be a breakout smart watch, or wearable device for that matter, that has successfully transcended fashion, function and technology, while enjoying widespread adoption by consumers.While large shows like this can be an elaborate visual showcase (that are exhausting for us exhibitors), they also serve as the go-to platform for new product launches from the world’s top consumer electronics brands. While the last decade has been dominated by news of smartphones and tablets, the past year has revealed a new kid on the block when it comes to a big show unveiling, and that is wearable technology—most notably smart watches and fitness/activity trackers.

With the wearable market on the rise, however, and predictions that it has potential to become a $50B market in the next few years, it’s evident that more and more companies are going to great lengths to make useful products that people actually want to wear. Whether it’s a fresh new idea that’s emerged from Kickstarter like Ring, or an enterprise brand like Sony expanding their product line, IFA seems to remain the hotspot for new wearables.

Here’s a peek at what the big players may have on display.

1. Samsung – The Korean technology giant has been pushing hard to get ahead of the curve in the smart watch space since launching the Galaxy Gear at IFA last year. This year they’ll likely be unveiling the Gear S, equipped with a curved screen and boasting a new Samsung developed operating system called Tizen.

2. LG – Another mammoth from Korea, LG is rumored to be rolling out a new version of their G Watch. This comes just months after rolling out the first device, and the company has hinted that it has been collaborating with leading watchmakers to create a more stylish and sophisticated looking device.

3. Sony – It’s been leaked that the SmartWatch 3 will be at IFA (and is being touted as waterproof), but there also speculation that Sony will be showing off a new device called the SmartBand Talk. Not much is known about this one yet, but there’s speculation that it will be a beefed up version of an activity tracker with bluetooth capabilities and a curved e-ink display.

4. Apple – Although you won’t ever see Apple with exhibit space at a trade show or conference, you might have noticed the coincidental timing of their famed products announcements–most of which align with a relevant industry event. We’re all expecting the iPhone 6 very soon, but will the world’s most decorated brand finally deliver the fabled and much anticipated iWatch? Latest reports indicate it’s not going to happen, but with Apple it’s really difficult to know for sure.

HZO is looking forward to showcasing its powerful liquid protection solutions to the manufacturers and creators of electronic devices at IFA. Makers of wearable products are certainly looking to change the landscape of device use and user interaction, and HZO technology is helping push the movement forward by keeping these devices safe. Come visit us in the TechWatch Theater for a live demo.



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