The Trends of Wearable Tech

Posted on October 28th, 2014 by

Fad? Folly? The next big thing? Regardless of how you view Wearable Technology the reality is that this emerging market has growth potential that analysts are still trying to wrap their quantitative brains around. Most believe this is a segment of electronics that is going to expand exponentially over the coming years. We hope so.

As these devices become more personal and more integrated into day to day activity, the demand for them to perform reliably at all times and under any conditions will be imperative, and that’s where HZO Protection can provide real value to device makers and electronics manufacturers.

The benefit of our technology as a design in solution means companies and their products can address the growing demand for waterproof wearables head on.

At HZO, we love wearables. Here’s an infographic to prove it.

Infographic: Wearable Tech, The Next Megatrend


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