The Weird Things We Try When Our Phones Take a Dive

By Devin Markle

Without a doubt, one of the top causes of phone death I see in my line of work is due to water damage– whether that be from a spilled drink, a phone swan-dive into the toilet, jumping into a swimming pool with the device still in your pocket… You name it, and I have seen it. Needless to say, with HzO’s revolutionary Waterblock technology not yet available for application on aftermarket consumer devices, us poor, unfortunate victims of water damage are left with very few options to save our devices post-catastrophic incident, save the ones we have read somewhere online or heard from a friend who has experienced a similar situation.

Now. I have heard a lot of stories myself and, quite frankly, most of them sound absolutely insane. In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day (you know, just in case someone decides to dunk your phone in a glass of green beer…) here is a list of a few of my favorite “One time I saved my phone by doing this!” stories. By no means am I recommending these things as a viable solution to saving your device, or promising that they will work for everyone, but at some point in time they have worked for at least one person. I just have to sit back and wonder: Who the hell thought to try some of these out in the first place?

5 Crazy Methods of Saving Your Phone Post-Swim

  • Magic Rice: After removing the phone from the water, turn it off, remove the battery from the phone, towel dry the device, and then place it in an air-tight container full of rice. Leave the container sealed overnight, and in the morning you may replace the battery and attempt to turn the phone back on. In theory, the rice is supposed to draw out all of the excess moisture from the device, leaving it good as new.
  • Best Served Cold: After rescuing your phone, pop it in the refrigerator! Still take the battery out, and remove any covers or casings your might have on the phone, but leave the phone itself in the fridge overnight. Refrigerators are designed to remove moisture from the air, so the idea is that they would also remove the moisture from your phone.
  • High Style: This one might sound fairly obvious, but taking a hair dryer on a warm, not hot, setting and gently fanning it over your phone to dry it out can often times save a phone from minor accidents. With this trick, however, you need to be *very* careful not to get the device too hot, because you could actually damage the phone even more, or harm yourself if you aren’t paying attention to what you are doing.
  • Suck it Up: Let me preface this one by saying I myself would never, ever, try this. Not in a million years. But, for the sake of science, let us continue. I once had a customer come to me and say that the only reason their phone survived a trip into the toilet was because they took a small vacuum cleaner hose to it and sucked out all of the moisture. In theory I can see why this worked, but the amount of risk involved, mainly in the area of sucking up vital parts of your actual device, would not be worth it to me.
  • Not-So Easy Bake Oven: This is a true story- I kid you not. A customer once told me that he baked his phone in the oven to save it from water damage. I dare you to try this on your new iPhone. In fact, I double dog dare you.

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