Three things HZO is–and one thing it is not

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Sometimes it is good to start with the basics.

What is HZO? HZO is a technology company that works with manufacturers to apply a waterproof protective layer to the internal circuitry of digital devices to protect them from water submersion, sweat, harmful chemicals, salt fog and more. HZO’s PCB protective layers are microns-thin, yet offer superior protection without added weight or bulk. HZO is utilized by some of the top brands around the world and can be applied to digital devices in any market. Below are three things that HZO is, and one thing it is not.

  1. HZO is the next generation of waterproofing:
    • When the word “waterproof” is mentioned, mental images of flimsy port plugs, bulky cases, and anxious users are often conjured. What people don’t realize is that waterproof technology has come a long way in the past couple of years. Many companies are ditching antiquated seals and gaskets for the next generation of waterproofing: HZO. With the ability to exceed the IP ratings reached by mechanical seals, HZO is lighter, thinner and more robust than traditional waterproofing methods.
  2. HZO is progressing significantly since its early days six years ago:
    • August marks the sixth anniversary of HZO and what a journey it has been. Many of you have followed us since the beginning (we thank you) and were even some of our earliest customers. If it has been a while since you’ve looked into how HZO can help protect your products, you may not recognize us when you do :). Our investment in state of the art proprietary protective layering equipment and efficient processes with top tier customer support has enabled us to coat millions of components for companies around the world with superior quality. Drop us a line to see what has changed at HZO.
  3. HZO is utilizing the power of Parylene for mass production:
    • People often say, “wait, you guys use Parylene? I know Parylene. It’s great, but too hard to apply in mass production.” What do you think we’ve been doing for six years?! HZO has been optimizing and refining our technology to harness the power of Parylene protective layers, but in a high throughput production setting. What does this mean? It means your product gets the robust properties of Parylene, but on a mass scale of manufacturing that conforms to your BOM costs. This unique approach is unparalleled to any other Parylene provider out there.

So, now you may be wondering, “this all sounds pretty good, but what is HZO not?”

  1. HZO is not an aftermarket solution:
    • Yes, it means what you think it means. HZO cannot coat the phone in your pocket. Sorry. Well, we could, but HZO focuses on working with companies to protect their products as they are being manufactured. Why? HZO protective layers are best applied in a manufacturing setting. Our equipment coats all of the internal circuitry, which is best accessible during production. This means superior protection is built in to your product by the time it reaches your customer’s hands.

Have questions about HZO and our processes? Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to reach out.


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