To Barcelona and Back: HZO at Mobile World Congress 2015

IMG_6268[1]When someone mentions Barcelona, immediately visions of beaches, paella, tapas and Las Ramblas come to mind. For us here at HZO, those are merely an afterthought to the greatest prize: Mobile World Congress.

Last week, Mobile World Congress (MWC) celebrated its 10th year in Barcelona alongside HZO, who celebrated it’s second year exhibiting at the show. For the company, it was definitely a show to celebrate. With a prime location in Hall 1, we pulled out all the stops by featuring our famous HZO Protected 40” Sony Television submerged in a water tank on a rotating pedestal with bubbles and lights all ablaze. People entering the show couldn’t help but be drawn to the rare sight and crowded around the spectacle. “Why?” they would ask. “Why not.” we would reply with a smile.

The truth is that our message is this: if we can waterproof a 40” television, we can waterproof anything. That was made clear as we held various successful meetings with decision makers from top companies around the world who want to be a part of creating an HZO Protected World. The press was also on board with the vision as HZO was featured in publications from around the world including Italy, USA, and of course Spain.

For HZO, Mobile World Congress was a success and we thank all who visited our booth as well as thank the great city of Barcelona for having us. Adiós until 2016.

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