Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Industry Publications (and How to Make the Most of Them)

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If you work in the electronics manufacturing industry, chances are you are plagued with information overload, whether you are an engineer, purchasing professional, or business-oriented decision-maker.

For example, one study shed light on the sheer volume of information electronics design engineers must search for and select. In the research, the engineers reported that one of the most significant burdens associated with their job was identifying and selecting dozens of technical documents, best practices, evaluations, product searches, design tools, and information on regulatory requirements.

With all the information-seeking that people who work in electronics manufacturing must do, spending extra time wading through general news, analysis, press releases, and events to find topical, relevant content only adds to the frustration.

As a technology company involved in the industry, we know this problem too well. That’s why we have compiled a list of what we consider to be some of the best electronics manufacturing industry publications (in no particular order) and how to best use these resources.


1. Circuitnet (Link)

Circuitnet digs through the seemingly unending influx of articles, discussions, news, and features to deliver news and information relevant to the world of electronics manufacturing. The site features an “Ask the Experts” panel, where industry leaders weigh in on questions you may have, an industry calendar lists events essential to electronics manufacturing, and a technical papers section can be used to access technical content for free (although you will have to exchange basic information and email). If you cannot find what you are looking for immediately, you can use the search bar.

How to use this resource:

While the Circuitnet site is robust, they also send a news digest to subscribers’ inboxes every business day. This newsletter is a quick way to stay updated on information and trends pertinent to you, corporate or product announcements that serve as helpful tips, and industry events. Circuitnet also publishes more than forty feature articles a month on PCBs, the assembly process, and packaging and design, so you can ensure your knowledge is current.

CircuitNet’s Ask the Expert Panel



2. Circuits Assembly Magazine (Link)

Circuits Assembly Magazine provides fabricators, suppliers, industry designers, and suppliers with best practices and insights to keep them informed about electronics industry trends. The website features podcasts, which you can easily access from the homepage, covering various topics from reliability to thermal management. Along with news and features, another section lists relevant press releases to keep you updated with industry developments.

How to Use this Resource:

Every month, Circuits Assembly Magazine offers a digital magazine that you can easily read on your computer, tablet, or phone. The magazine is also available in print, but we prefer the digital type, as it is easy to scroll through and quickly find articles of interest.

A Sample of This Month’s Circuits Assembly Magazine Edition



3. SMT Today (Link)

SMT Today integrates traditional communication (including a bi-monthly print magazine) and the latest technology to keep readers in the electronics industry up to date. On this site, you will find a newsletter, electronics, industry news, and an up-to-date industry event calendar, along with separate sections dedicated to equipment, materials, and software/integration news.

How to use this resource:

While you can sign up for the newsletter or read the magazine, the streamlined, organized interface of the website allows you to find what you are looking for quickly. We love to go to the homepage and use the menu bar to immediately filter out the information we need.

SMT Today Website Menu Bar



4.  SMTnet and the Express Newsletter (Link)

SMTnet is a web portal dedicated to the electronics industry covering PCB assembly, Surface Mount Technology, and EMS process, from concept to delivery. This site is relevant to any industries involved in electronics, including information for engineering personnel, purchasing agents, and business segments. The site includes an electronics forum, technical library, industry directory, equipment auctions, videos, training courses, and other resources.

How to use this resource:

Although the SMTnet site alone is a great source that includes unique information, we particularly love the SMTnet Express Newsletter. This condensed yet information-packed weekly newsletter includes topical technical articles, forum highlights, equipment purchase and sale updates, upcoming events, and available training courses, with the latest job openings to boot.

Feb 3 edition of the SMTNet Express Newsletter



5. Global SMT & Packaging (Link)

Global SMT & Packaging provides a variety of articles, news, and expert commentary on advanced packaging-related assembly and surface mount of PCBAs. The variety of content formats available is what makes this website stand out. You can find podcasts, “Tech Talk Thursday programs,” expert panel debates, newsletters, webinars, and programs.

How to use this resource:

Covid has suspended our ability to participate in as many conferences and trade shows as we used to, so we use this site to stay connected by watching webinars, listening to the panel discussions, and tuning into the Tech Talk Thursday programs.

Featured Articles


6. Economist (Link)

If you are searching for current affairs on electronics from a trustworthy news source, we recommend The Economist. The Economist is known for strict copyediting, rigorous fact-checking, and minimal reporting bias. It makes an excellent go-to if you want just the news, with minimal sensationalism or subjectivity.

How to use this resource:

To use The Economist to find electronic news, use the search function, using “electronics” as a keyword. You can sort by date, ensuring you can find the most topical news events quickly.

The Economist search function, along with the latest news articles about electronics.


7. EMSNOW (Link)

EMSNOW provides the Electronic Manufacturing Sector, associated suppliers, and customer basis with real-time information and analysis that covers global aspects of the industry. Along with videos, features, podcasts, and “Coming Events,” you can find columns here as well, and much of the information has been published yesterday or today.

How to Use this Resource:

EMSNOW is a go-to for the most up-to-date information. While we love weekly and monthly publications, we recognize that having new information is also important and sometimes critical before making certain business decisions. We recommend checking in with EMSNOW once or twice a week to stay updated on the most current news and analysis.

A Sample Analysis Column from EMSNOW


8. Electronics Sourcing (Link)

Electronics Sourcing is a magazine for purchasing professionals within the electronics distribution & manufacturing sector who buy, distribute, and sell electronic components and associated products. You can head to the website to sign up for the magazine, find relevant market news, and magazines targeted to the UK & Ireland, North America, or Europe, which is a nice touch.

How to use this resource:

Although we love the content, the purchasing tools tab on the website menu bar is especially valuable. Here you can find Buyers’ guides for the UK & Ireland, North America, Europe, search or components, and component sourcing information.

Screengrab of the Latest News Section of the Homepage


9. ASSEMBLY Magazine (Link)

ASSEMBLY Magazine provides information on processes, strategies, and technologies for assembling parts in industries such as appliances, medical, automotive, and aerospace. You can find the Assembly eMagazine, podcasts, how-to guides, ebooks, webinars, and much more here. The site offers a newsletter that you can sign up for to quickly avail yourself of their latest resources regularly from your inbox.

How to use this resource:

Our favorite feature on this site is the ASSEMBLY InfoCenters sections that you can access from the menu bar. One InfoCenter is dedicated to sensing solutions, for example, and it includes application stories, sensing insights, upcoming events, and a summary of relevant products.

Example of an ASSEMBLY Magazine Column


10. U.S. Tech (Link)

U.S. Tech has been distributing breaking news about electronics production since 1985. The website features a Daily News Archive, videos, white papers, a “Tech Watch” column, and an industry calendar, among other helpful information.

How to use this resource:

We recommend you sign up for the printed newsletter, published nine times a year. Each addition offers a different view of the current state of electronics manufacturing from a range of technical perspectives. 

Tech Watch Article


Wrapping Up

We hope this list was helpful and can be put to good use, saving some of your time. Please don’t forget us either! We provide Parylene conformal coatings and nanocoatings and discuss the technology we offer, electronic reliability, design, industry news, and the business implications of sound engineering design on our blog and social media channels.

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