Three Trends with a Big Presence at CES 2013

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Three Trends with a Big Presence at CES 2013

Four days, thousands of booths, and over 20,000 new products. That’s just the beginning of the numbers behind last week’s 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show. From among the numbers everyone will give you their own list of what products came out on top, or are the ones to watch in the upcoming year, but there is no doubt that there were obvious trends that stood out among the chaos of the show floor.

Outrageous Flatscreen TV’s

TV’s have always been a large product category at CES, and this year was no exception. While in years past a lot of the post-show talk has surrounded upcoming smartphones, CES 2013 was stolen by companies like Sony, Samsung, LG, and Sharp — all announcing jaw-droppingly large (and extremely expensive) television sets packing “Ultra HD” displays. As a consumer, you’re still probably a couple years out from owning an Ultra HD TV, due to a combination of price, a lack of content that can take advantage of the new high resolutions, and a few other factors, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still fun to dream about in the meantime.

Samsung unveiled a 110-inch 4k Ultra HD TV at the International Consumer Electronics Show. (Credit: Jae C. Hong/AP)

Over-Ear Headphones

Dr. Dre. Ludacris. Tim Tebow. Even Snookie. It seems that everyone these days wants to put their name, or endorsement, onto their own stylish headset. CES 2013 was filled with booths exhibiting over- ear headsets that showed off Bluetooth capabilities, flashy colors, foldable designs, and bass-booming sound quality. CES attendees got to see the latest from the big boys, like Bose and Sony, but also equally impressive, smaller manufacturers, like House of Marley, Urbanears, and Wicked Audio.

“Waterproofing” Technologies at CES 2013

CES 2013 was full of booths claiming to have the answer to electronic water damage — whether that was a special mechanically-sealed case, a bag for your phone, or nanotechnologies that could provide invisible protection for electronics both during aftermarket application and at the manufacturing level. Among those companies were case manufacturers like Otter Box, a well-known and long-time maker of rugged cases for the iPhone, iPad, and a number of other devices, and HzO, a nanotechnology company that can protect devices by applying a proprietary nanocoating only to the inside of electronic devices — protecting them from the dangers of water, moisture, and even harmful or corrosive fluids. With so many companies claiming they can protect your phone, be sure to do your homework before trusting your device to take the plunge. Not all water-protective technologies are created equal.

HzO showed off their WaterBlock technology with devices submerged in a fish tank all week long!

Were you one of the lucky consumers that braved the showroom floor of the 2013 International CES? If so, what did you think, and what products did you think were the shining stars?

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