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Posted on January 27th, 2012 by

By Devin Markle

First things first: My name is Devin Markle.  My college degree states that I am a Technical Writer, but I have a love for anything advertising or graphic design related as well as any/all technology, which is one of the main reasons I ended up partnering with HzO in the first place. In my everyday life, however, I work for one of the few major consumer electronics retailers left in the U.S. Now, I can’t disclose to you the name of said company, because I value my life and more importantly, my job, but let’s just say I am an “agent” of sorts, which gives me unique perspective and insight into the world of electronics- and more importantly, electronics in need of repair due to various types of damage. I am very excited to have the chance to share my distinctive insight with all of you here on the HzO blog.

Now we all know that, to most of us, our electronics are our life and are needed to function in a day-to-day setting. We also know that, because of this, stuff happens. Phones fall in the toilet, dogs munch on power cords, and kids do… well, just about everything imaginable to whatever they can get their hands on. In honor of all electronics, and the horrors we put them through, I give you five of my favorite “I broke my (insert device here)…” accident stories:

5.  A customer brought in a plastic container filled with bits of shrapnel, said to have once been an iPhone. The phone had, apparently, been in a motorcycle accident and was stored in the customer’s pocket during the crash. The phone was nearly unrecognizable, save for the small bit of phone still containing Apple’s well-known logo that I was able to remove from the wreckage.

4.  A client’s laptop was having problems not only powering on, but some of the keys on his keyboard seemed to be malfunctioning as well. While examining it, I noticed a certain liquid (I identified it because of its distinct and, quite frankly, terrible odor) draining from the computer onto my shoe. The client had neglected to tell me that earlier that evening, he had spilled a full can of beer onto his laptop, but was afraid to tell me about it as it would most likely affect his warranty situation.

3.  I inspected a phone, said to have been “water damaged,” that refused to power on. When pressing the customer further about how it had gotten wet in the first place, I came to learn that their small son had actually “had an accident” on the phone itself, soaking it. Needless to say, I didn’t move far from my own personal bottle of hand sanitizer for the remainder of my shift.

2.  I once had a customer proclaim to me that their dog had eaten their Bluetooth headset, and wanted to know if it was possible for me to fix it “once it had been retrieved.” Enough said.

And my number one favorite damage story comes to you from just last week:

1.  I was helping a customer with his printer, which was brought in for various reasons, when the gentleman became very angry with me and proceeded to throw the printer across the counter separating the two of us- nearly hitting me in the face. The printer shattered on the floor and was set aside in the event the customer wanted it back. I can now safely say that his printer is, most certainly, beyond repair.

If you all have any good horror stories of your own, feel free to share them in the comments below. Damage to electronics may not be amusing when it happens to you, but it sure is funny when it’s someone else!

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