Unraveling the Phobia of Water and Electronics

The team at HZO spends a lot of time talking about how our technology can help eliminate people’s fears of damaging their favorite device by providing manufacturers with a superior solution that creates swimmable, livable, and waterproof electronics.

That got us thinking. What is it that some people fear and what does it mean? Well, we did a little digging around on the topic of phobias and discovered some fascinating info on a few relevant things in the world that cause panic in people. What we found is that over 19 million people in the US alone are diagnosed with a specific phobia each year. From spiders to heights and everything in between, the number of things people fear is dizzying. (By the way, the fear of being dizzy is Dinophobia.)

As it turns out, a few of them actually align with our mission to eradicate fear from the vernacular of those who use HZO Protected devices and components.

We now know firsthand that some of these fears can be traced back directly to the things that people encounter and use every day. Here are a few we thought were worth sharing:

  • Amathophobia – Fear of dust
  • Rupophobia – Fear of dirt
  • Hydrophobia – Fear of liquids, dampness, or moisture

The terms might not be familiar, but we’re sure you can identify with the worry behind the name. These are water cooler topics in the electronic industry, and each of these fears are due to a long list of ways a device can meet a quick demise from simple day-to-day use.

That’s where HZO comes in, and by protecting electronics our technology solutions are helping put some of those worries at ease.  Every day we work with device makers and manufacturers to create products that soothe the minds of end-users who are living in fear of damaging their prized devices. Headed to the mountains? To the beach? Rainy Portland, Oregon? Don’t be afraid, and don’t fret about the spring thunderstorm, the icy slush of winter, or the spray of seawater. Dig your heels down in those messy mud puddles (Borborosophobia) and keep on living without worry and without interruption.

We’re ready to move on to bigger and better phobias; like Hippolarconinsomiaphobia. Because being afraid of a hippo stealing your pajamas is as crazy to us as the fear of being rained on (Ombrophobia).

Now people don’t have to be afraid of where devices go because our waterproofing solutions protect against everything from spills and splashes to full and extended submersion. HZO is more than just water protection, its complete device freedom, and that means no longer worrying about being thrown into a swimming pool fully clothed (Colymbethrophobia) with your phone in your pocket.

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There are enough things to fear in this world without having to worry about getting your devices wet, so we’re glad to provide a solution to wipe out the anxiety specific to device use. If fear is something you deal with, consider HZO your phobia coach.

Drop us a line for more information on our in-house design process and how HZO can add real value to your products.

Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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