Want a Water Safe Device? HZO is the Answer

Posted on August 27th, 2014 by

Here at HZO headquarters we talk a lot about what it really means for device makers and end users to create and own a ‘waterproof’ smartphone or electronic product.

There’s no doubt that there are popular devices on the market today that make claims of being water resistant and water protected, but they typically come with warnings and conditions of usage that limit a users ability to live their lives without interruption or worry. So do these devices really provide consumers with confidence that their product will stand up to the water protection claims highlighted on the packaging? Not likely. If you’re feeling confident right now, go ahead and make sure you snap shut the charging port plug of your Sony Experia, or check to see if the battery case of your Samsung Galaxy S5 is securely attached. We’ll wait.

HZO technology is different. It’s not magic dust. It’s not rubberized seals or gaskets. And to consumers reading this post, we’re sorry to tell you it’s not an after market spray or coating for the device you already own that protects from little splashes or accidents (although it does protect against those). Our technology solutions keep products secure from full and extended water submersion, exposure to other corrosive liquids and environments, dust and debris and a lot of other stuff too. Have a look:

So how do we do it?

Well, the process is more industrial than you might think, but the process is what makes the technology work so well. That’s why we work directly with product manufacturers and device makers to apply our powerful technology to the components inside a device. In other words, we’re not keeping the water out, we’re allowing it in, providing protection from the inside out. This protective barrier layer, which is mere microns thin, keeps water off of those components that make your device work, keeping electronics secure from exposure to places and elements you probably wouldn’t dream about taking your device today.

Now imagine:

  • A quiet book in the bathtub with your e-reader. That sounds relaxing.
  • A dip in the ocean (yes, we mean that salty body of water that currently kills products within seconds) with your smartphone.
  • A sweaty run in the park, followed by a swim in the pool, followed by a hot shower. All while keeping on your favorite new wearable device.

Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that on day one of owning a HZO Protected device a person would feel safe jumping in the pool or running out into the ocean with phone in hand. That kind of paradigm change will take time.

What HZO is trying to do is help raise awareness that this protective technology exists for electronics today, while putting a spotlight on how we compare side by side against other solutions and highlighting that water protection technology is not a level playing field. That’s why over the coming months we aim to do more to show manufacturers, and the consumers who use their products, that there is a technology available today that is capable of changing how people interact with their most prized devices.

Isn’t it time for manufacturers to give consumers this level of protection? We think so.

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