Watch your Step: 54 Million Devices Estimated To Die In 2015

Posted on May 15th, 2015 by

Fall With Your Phone

We are consistently thinking about ways to protect electronics and consumer devices from damage. While HZO’s core technology offers protection for sensitive electronics from dust, water, other liquids and corrosion, we also appreciate when other companies work to save devices from different kinds of failure.

To that end, we scour a series of blogs ourselves and were recently reminded of SquareTrade’s Clumsiest States Index (published for the third consecutive year in November 2014), which measures the states with the highest rates of device accidents and damage. Based on history and warranties purchased, SquareTrade expects more than 54 million smartphones and tablets will be damaged or will die in 2015.

We understand that 2014 may seem like a century or two ago, but the data is still fun, particularly since HZO is headquartered in the clumsiest state of them all. Any guesses before scrolling further?

When it comes to handling electronics, here are the 10 Clumsiest States in reverse rank order:

     #10: Minnesota
     #9: Mississippi
     #8: Washington
     #7: Montana
     #6: Arizona
     #5: Colorado
     #4: Louisiana
     #3: California
     #2: Idaho
     #1: Utah

Broken Smartphone

We couldn’t help by notice that 7 of 10 of the clumsiest states were in the West. C’mon Westerners.

Any guesses on the least clumsy states? Iowa ranks first and New Hampshire ranks second. We’re not sure why, but if you have any hypotheses, we’re anxious to hear them. Be careful out there people.


Disclaimer: While we avidly read its blog and poll results, HZO is not affiliated with SquareTrade

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