Can HZO Waterproof Electronics and Other Frequently Asked Questions

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“Can HZO Waterproof Electronics” and Other Frequently Asked Questions

With the 2013 International CES less than a week away, we thought we would answer some of the most frequently asked questions about HZO and our amazing waterproofing technology. Have something you’ve always wondered about us but never asked? Read on! We could be answering your question here.

What is HZO?

  • HZO is a uniquely hydrophobic and invisible nanocoating that protects whatever it is applied to from the harmful effects of contaminating particles, humidity, and of course, water.

Why are you only working with manufacturers? Aren’t you missing out on a major market opportunity now by not coating consumer phones?

  • There are two big reasons why we think it’s important to integrate HZO directly into the manufacturing process: One, by integrating HZO technology directly into new devices it eliminates the extra costs and hassle of secondary forms of water protection. You don’t have to ship your phone out to have it protected or buy a bulky, awkward case if the technology is already built in! Two, with HZO integrated into the new technology coming directly from manufacturers, we are working directly with the people making your device, ensuring that the coating process is customized individually for the best possible results.

 How durable is HZO in liquids other than water?

  • HZO technology has been tested in a number of substances- fresh water, salt water, coffee, soda, and even acid. So far, HZO has handled all tests extremely well and demonstrated very little breakdown in all substances tested. Check out some of our testing here!

 Does HZO still perform at high and low temperatures?

  • HZO is stable from -196°C to 120°C with ambient temperature and pressure. Because our technology doesn’t trap any extra heat, it is safe to use on delicate electronic circuitry.

Can I become an official distributor of HZO technology?

  • HZO does not currently sell its technology through individual distributors. HZO deploys a business model directly interfacing with major manufacturers.

Can I buy HZO stock?

  • HZO is a private company, capitalized by a small number of institutional and corporate investors. HZO is well capitalized and is not currently seeking additional investors at this time.

Can you name some of the big companies HZO is working with?

  • HZO is working with a number of different companies in several different market segments to bring HZO protection to a large number of consumer devices, and is also expanding its research and development of additional industrial and commercial applications of this exciting new technology. Make sure you come visit our booth (#35661) at the 2013 International CES for some exciting new announcements!

Will you be exhibiting at the 2013 International CES, and can I set up a meeting with you?

  • Yes, and yes! We will be exhibiting at the 2013 International CES for the second year in a row, and can be found at booth #35661. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with a member of our sales team to discuss how our technology could make a difference for your product, please contact us at info@hzo.com to schedule an appointment.

Interested in learning more about our amazing technology? Please visit our website at www.hzo.com

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