Why a Waterproof Coatings Ecosystem is a Good Thing for Manufacturing

Recently an article in Circuit Insight caught our attention. A reader wrote into the publication’s advice column, “Board Talk” for insight as to why the conformal coatings being applied to reader’s boards were not, well, conformal.

“The conformal coating is vibrating away from some [circuits boards] and building up in others,” wrote the participant.

While the different types of conformal coatings like acrylics, silicones and similar materials have their own inherit limitations in offering true conformity, what really caught our eye was one of Board Talk’s suggestions as to why the coating may not be covering as it should.

“This sounds obtuse, but we have seen it happen, make sure you have the real material. There are certain countries abroad where we have seen cases of counterfeit materials. They were packaged under the names of well-known, recognized, validated conformal coating manufacturers.”


When working in a manufacturing environment, you can’t take the risk of not knowing the source of your materials, technology, supplies and more. That’s why many appreciate the peace of mind of working with HZO when applying waterproof coatings in a manufacturing environment. HZO provides a complete ecosystem of environmental protection:

You know that everything has been vetted, proven and ready to perform to HZO’s standard.

HZO’s ecosystem is a true conformal covering (sorry, we couldn’t resist).

Reach out today to see how HZO’s solutions can help protect your next project headed into manufacturing.

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