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Now that you have purchased your new iPad Mini, it’s time to start thinking cases. There is nothing worse than getting your hands on a new toy, only to mar its shiny complexion with a scratch, dent, or dare we say, cracked screen. Whether you are a fan of a more minimalistic case, or you need something more rugged, there are choices for iPad Mini owners of all persuasions. Let’s review some of the promising options here:

Targus Kickstand Case- $29.99

Targus has been in the iPad case business from the beginning, so it only makes sense that they would make a case for the newest member of the Apple iPad family. Their iPad Mini case features a built-in stand, a scratch-resistant inner lining to protect your screen, and comes in a variety of colors. Although this case won’t do much to save your iPad Mini from water damage should you drop it in a pool, it should provide a good amount of cushion from drops and bangs should you want to carry your iPad around in a bag or purse. This case is marked as “coming soon.”

Hardcandy Shockdrop Rugged Case- $49.95

According to Hardcandy, the makers of this rugged iPad Mini case, their product “offers more ruggedization than any other rubber + poly-carbonate case.” With that being said, this case is able to offer you the peace of mind provided by a ruggedized case without the bulk associated with a lot of the other cases in this category. One of the added bonuses of this case is the addition of a built-in screen protector to protect your screen from direct contact with surfaces that could potentially damage it- something most cases don’t provide. This case comes in two colors, red and black, and is available for purchase now.

Kensington Protective Cover & Stand- $34.99

This slim case is molded along the back to protect all edges of the iPad Mini, while the front cover folds back to form a 2-position stand for viewing movies or typing on the keyboard. Although the foldable cover resembles Apple’s line of Smart Covers, this one will not wake or sleep your iPad Mini. However, this might not be much of a deterrent for those looking for a well-constructed case that will protect the entire tablet body, not just the front, for a cheaper price.

Apple Smart Cover – $39.00

Speaking of Apple’s Smart Cover, we can’t leave out their revamped, highly popularized, snap on cover when listing cases for the new iPad Mini. Apple has redesigned the Smart Cover to get rid of the old metal hinges on the older cover models, with the polyurethane design now wrapping around the sides of the device as well. The Smart Cover will wake and sleep the iPad Mini automatically, helping save on battery life and folding to become a handy stand. The Smart Cover comes in six colors- pink, light grey, dark grey, green, blue, and red.

OverBoard Waterproof Case – $47.50

If you are tough on your tablets, or you are taking them places where they are bound to get a little wet, then you might want to look into a case like this one. According to the website, this OverBoard case seals tightly around your iPad Mini, making it guaranteed submersible to 19ft. One cool thing about this case is that it floats, so if your iPad is accidentally dropped into a pool or lake, that feature should make it pretty simple to retrieve your device. Remember with these types of cases, however, that there is no such thing as permanent waterproofing – so any time you are dealing with something that is mechanically sealed there is some risk of failure. Use with caution!

So, what do you think? How will you dress up your iPad Mini? Will it be a “waterproof” case? Or will you just go with a naked/minimalist iPad Mini Case approach?

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