Waterproof Electronics Go Mainstream at IDTechEx

Posted on November 20th, 2015 by

For the second year in a row, HZO exhibited at IDTechEx this week to show off our latest and greatest demos and partners, letting people know how we can waterproof and protect their electronic products. IDTechEx is a unique show filled with a wide range of interrelated technologies, with the common thread being organizations and people thirsty to innovate and change the world through technology.


When we took a few minutes to walk the show floor and visit our fellow exhibitors, we couldn’t help but notice the number of water related technologies on display. As technology advances, it’s increasingly clear that people want accessibility to their devices no matter where they are. So we were excited to see other companies who shared the vision of an HZO Protected World.

The marketing team at HZO is always on the lookout for a good water display at a trade show, and DuraTOUCH didn’t disappoint. Multiple kiosks had trickling water falling down on smooth river rocks where they presented their DuraTOUCH PCAP Touch Technology on a wearable wrist device. The product is a screen technology that allows a user to interface with a device even when water is on the surface, with gloves on, or after exposure to grease or other liquids that might otherwise interfere with a typical capacity screen.

Dupont, the chemical giant, also had a presence at the show, showing off a product called Tactotek. The company embeds electronic circuits as well as components (LEDs, buttons, etc.) into injected molded plastics to create a new dimension of product ingenuity and industrial design. These potentially waterproof encasings could be used for flexible sensor filled wearables, custom lighting enclosures, or even non-mechanical shower controls as they had on display at the show. Definitely exciting to see what the future holds for this company.

Finally, we made friends with the team from XMetrics, an Italian company that has developed a wearable device capable of tracking lap swimming and translating the results into data that can be used to improve performance and training. The unit attaches to back of your head (via swimming goggles) C and tracks your every stroke, breath and movement while giving you ongoing audible feedback of your activity. The company features two products: one for the casual swimmer who wants to improve (XMetrics Fit) and one for athletes training for events (XMetrics Pro).

We believe companies like these are indicators of a future full of worry free water and technology interactions. HZO is doing their part to be at the forefront of this movement and is excited for the days ahead.



IDTechEx is our last show of 2015, but ready or not, we’ll see you at CES 2016.

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