Waterproof, Louisiana: Not the birthplace of the waterproof phone

waterproof_louisiana_1Waterproof, Louisiana: Not the birthplace of the waterproof phone

We here at HZO try to be the experts of all things waterproof, (well, at least all things HZO’d and water resistant) and share our knowledge here on the blog. We recently learned of a small town in the United States called Waterproof, and figured we better do our due diligence and educate you on this fine town as well. Think of it as your geography class at HZO Water Protection University.

Where did Waterproof, Louisiana get its name?

Where does a town get such a unique name like Waterproof? Well, to be honest, it was hard to track down exactly where the small town got its name, so we’ll share one account, without claiming of complete credibility, but a good explanation nonetheless. The account focuses around a Mr. Abner Smalley. Smalley was the owner of the land of what is now Waterproof, Lousiana and was waiting for a steamboat to come in to refuel with cordwood. The land was at the time covered with water with Smalley standing on a dry strip of land. The steamboat captain called out “Well, Abner, I see you are waterproof.” Smalley liked the greeting and ended up naming his purchased acres “Waterproof” which it is known as to this day.

waterproof_louisiana_2How did Waterproof fare in Hurricane Katrina?

The irony of such a name, or you could say, not living up to its name, is that the entire town of waterproof has been submerged in 2-3 feet of water a few times throughout its history.  You are probably wondering then, was Waterproof affected by Hurricane Katrina? Compared to other areas, no. The town didn’t see much, if any damage. Maybe there is truth it its namesake afterall.

What does Waterproof, Louisiana have to do with protecting electronic devices?

So, what does Waterproof, Louisiana  have to do with waterproofing phones, tablets and other electronics? Not much, but consider this a favor the next time there is a lull in party conversation and you’re looking for a good tidbit to share. In the meantime we’ll continue to educate you on the latest and greatest in water protection of electronic devices as well as continue to work to bring HZO technology to your next device.

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