A New Waterproof Smartphone is in Your Future

a waterproofed iphone being dropped in water and still working

Don’t own a smartphone or tablet yet? Chances are, you will before 2013 is over. According to market research and sales reports, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices have been rapidly growing in popularity for the last five years.

At the end of 2012, it was confirmed that nearly half of the U.S. population now owns a smartphone — quite the increase from 2010, when smartphone ownership was only around 29 percent. This trend doesn’t just exist in the United States: countries like China, India, and Argentina are rapidly becoming smartphone-dominant as well.

It’s safe to say that, for most people, the mobile electronics market has moved past the point of whether or not a consumer will buy a smartphone. Instead, the question becomes: Which smartphone do you choose and why? Smartphones now come with an assortment of drool-worthy features. Big, beautiful displays, 4G data speeds, and sleek color options are just a few of the features that are now considered standard on most handsets. So what is it that actually drives users to upgrade their smartphone to the latest and greatest? Some of the new, most demanded smartphone features include:

Wireless charging: Smartphone users hate their cords and cables, so wireless charging capabilities are always requested.

Waterproofing: According to a study conducted by TNS Global Research, 70% of consumers believe water resistance is an important feature to have in their next phone. This is consistent with the trends we are seeing in the market now, with more and more accessories and handsets becoming available that claim to keep your device safe from water damage.

Large Screens: Although big displays are already standard in many smartphones, it seems that bigger is always better in the world of electronics. Every manufacturer is computing to have the biggest, the brightest, and the most impressive in terms of screen resolution.

NFC Technology: NFC, or Near Field Technology, allows users to turn their phone into a mobile wallet. Many businesses have started to catch on to the trend, allowing smartphone users with NFC to leave their wallets at home, and use only their phone to quickly “tap-and-pay” for everything from groceries to handbags.

So what smartphone features make you jump in excitement? Let us know what features you want most!

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