“But That Isn’t Waterproof!”– Why Current Culture is Turning You into a Device Daredevil

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“But That Isn’t Waterproof!”– Why Current Culture is Turning You into a Device Daredevil

The commercials, ads, and TV spots feature it everywhere– the happy, smiling phone or tablet owner using their precious (and expensive) device in the pool, at the beach, or while relaxing in the tub. There is just one problem with this message – these devices aren’t waterproof! So forget the happiness, we want to see the commercials that show the aftermath of using one of those tablets at the pool or around the beach. We want to see the ad featuring the device owner frantically shaking the water out of their new iPad Mini after it is dropped into a swimming pool. Any takers?

Risky Moves- Where Some People are Taking Non-Waterproof Devices

In all seriousness, it is a fact that we now take our devices to more places than ever before. But, a survey of some of the followers on the HZO Facebook page found that the top two places people are using their electronic devices are out in the rain and snow, and while doing the dishes–yikes. And something tells us that our followers aren’t the only ones. In doing a Twitter search of the hashtags “#waterdamage” and “#accidentwaitingtohappen,” here are a few of the results that popped up:

HzO WaterBlock

Here at HZO, Inc., we want the future of every electronic device to include HZO protection – a future where devices will be protected against that accidental drop in the toilet, or poolside splash of water. We want tough nanotechnology built into the inside of the device. Take a look at what we believe the future of electronic devices can look like with the help of HZO technology.

Until then, think twice about reading your new Kindle Fire HD in the bathtub, and wait before you send those tweets from inside the shower. Next time you’re tempted to mix electronics and water, stop, then say to yourself, “This thing is not waterproof!” You could potentially save yourself a lot of heartache (and money) in the long-run.

To learn more about HZO’s revolutionary nanotechnology, visit their website at www.hzo.com! Also, make sure to check out their Linkedin, and Twitter pages for more updates, information, and other industry related news!


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