Wearables & The Importance of Uninterrupted Data Collection

Posted on July 16th, 2015 by

It wasn’t that long ago that none of us had personal computers in our pockets or attached to our wrists. Before smartphones were so pervasive in our lives and before the advent and rise of wearables, personal data was a very different thing. In fact, the things we used to consider personal data used to be pretty basic—name, address, DOB, social security number and the like. Now with the use of advanced sensors, GPS and other technology, we have the ability to capture all kinds of information about ourselves. Heart rate, oxygen intake, steps taken, sleep quality,  even posture. Over time, these measurements could be used to help improve our health, modify our lifestyles and even impact the way healthcare systems operate and serve members.


Because our electronics now do so much, people go to great lengths to protect them from damage. That’s because device failure can mean lost data for many users. For a wearable, failure may mean mean inconsistent tracking or interrupted data capture. When a device dies, we’re sad of course about the lost monetary investment made to purchase (hopefully still under warranty), but more terrifying is the risk of loosing all that personal data we can now collect. After all, a phone is only a phone. A wearable is just a wearable. But our info, our data–that’s got a different kind of value. The mementos and information that are stored on these devices have personal meaning—photos, contacts, notes, etc. Now of course the cloud eliminates some of that risk, but even a device that temporarily stops working potentially means corruption or interruption of data.


Waterproof Wearables

HZO Shows off the liquids that an HZO Protected Wearable can stand up to. My Goodness, it is Guinness!

When thinking about the potential impact wearables has on industries like healthcare and insurance, its easy to see why zero failure is becoming an imperative. The information gathered through the use of personal electronics is changing the way we live, and shaping our interactions with the world around us. Because wearables are going more places with us than electronics ever have before they are naturally are exposed to more hazardous conditions, and the active agents that cause electronics to fail. Protecting electronics from water and sweat is achievable. In fact, waterproof wearables should be the norm. HZO helps make this possible by applying a thin film material directly to the PCBAs and other sensitive electronic components as they are being manufactured. Because of how and when the thin film material is applied, HZO protected devices often perform beyond defined testing standards, giving them the ability to go more places with minimized risk. Our technology makes these valuable electronics not just water resistant, but waterproof, Swimmable™ and Liveable. A requisite for wearables everywhere. Drop us a line to learn more.

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