Weird and Awesome Gadgets from 2014

How many times have you seen an article titled something like “Must-have Gadgets of…” or “Latest and Greatest Gadgets?” Every day there is a new list of gotta-get-em gadgets that apparently we just need to get, and let’s be honest a lot of them do make their presence known via our credit card statement. But recently this got us thinking, what about all those gadgets and devices that don’t make the “must-have” lists?  What about the quirky, the crazy and the completely awesome gadgets that we just don’t hear about? As CES 2015 approaches, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the coolest/craziest devices that were launched at CES 2014.

TrewGrip Keyboard

Do you like the accordion? Obviously you do, who doesn’t right? The TrewGrip is a Bluetooth keyboard for aspiring accordionists that attaches to your smartphone or tablet. But here is the kicker, the keys are on the backside, making you type by feel. According to the company, the reach-around TrewGrip is more ergonomic and allows for faster typing than the traditional keyboard. Not to mention they really are allowing us adults the opportunity feel like we are playing a Sega Game Gear instead of working.

Kooky Keecker Projector on Wheels

Kooky KeekerThe Kooky Keeker is a 1080p projector on wheels that lets you take your shows wherever you go. You can drive this gadget using an Android app, or even program it like a puppy and have it automatically follow you around. Now you will never miss the latest Kardashian news, or American Idol finals because you were in the other room. For just under $5,000, you can guarantee that you will never be without your beloved shows again.

Sen.se Mother


Move over moms, the Sen.se mother is here. The Russian gadget maker behind the device claims to have reinvented the mom by creating the first “programmable” mother. The Sen.se connects to your home network and keeps track of what you eat, the steps you take and where your kids are. The idea is to have someone around when the actual mother can’t be. If you think it sounds creepy, it’s because it is pretty creepy.


Yellow Jacket iPhone Taser Case

Yellow JacketYeah you read that right. Built right into this unassuming phone case is a taser that is ready to deliver a 950,000 volt shock to any would-be assailant. Don’t worry though, there are two safety mechanisms that prevent accidental discharge. Even with these dual safety mechanisms, we don’t know how we feel about the possibility of checking our Instagram feed and potentially taking a million volts in the hand. You be the judge, but just make sure it’s legal where you live before you buy it.


ChefJetChefJet 3D Food Printer

Ever get tired of plain old sugar cubes? Yeah, neither do we. But if you ever do, 3D System’s ChefJet is the answer for you. For just $5K you can create edible three-dimensional objects out of sugar, from candy and cake toppings to decorations and pretty much anything else you can make with a 3D printer. Let the sugar rush begin!

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