What would you protect?

Posted on September 11th, 2015 by

Rain Soaked Hiker Consults Touchscreen GPS SmartphoneWhen HZO debuted at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in 2012, our primary waterproof devices for demonstration at the show were phones and music players. The demo made sense; people lost their Galaxy phones and iPods to drops in the sink, pool, toilet or even in the washer. People wanted and needed this protection because the need was clear and ever present in their lives.

While the overt demonstration of dunking devices was taking place, a more subtle point was being conveyed as well. HZO was not just your typical waterproofing process accomplished by gaskets or mechanical seals, but a state of the art technology that could waterproof or liquid proof virtually anything. Since that event in 2012, every educational or sales meeting that HZO has held, this point has been driven home. It has caused countless people to wonder, “what would I protect?”

Sure, phones, tablets, iPods and other electronic handhelds make sense for waterproof coatings, but with a simple expansion of the mind, the possibilities are almost endless. This is due to the application nature of HZO: put an object in our equipment and the gas forms a thin, but impenetrable barrier sealing and protecting the device or item. What if your morning newspaper could be easily read in the rain without smearing? What if your car could survive a flash flood without any of the electronics being damaged? What if you could preserve otherwise on the shelf perishable materials from deteriorating, oxidizing or eroding? These are just a few of the potential applications of HZO. Our vision of an HZO Protected World is not just for waterproof electronics, but for protecting and preserving the things in your life that are affected by corrosion, submersion, splashes, short circuits, atmosphere and well, life.

So we conclude with a simple question, what would you protect? What in your sphere of life would you wish was protected? Is it an electronic device or something else? We’re curious to hear. If you’ve got the time, simply answer the single question via the form below. We would love to hear what you want in an HZO Protected World.

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