What Does Your iPhone Case Say About You?

Posted on February 15th, 2012 by

By Devin Markle

I’ve spent the last nearly two years of my life working around electronics, and even longer than that proclaiming, “I will never be an iPhone user!”

Well, apparently the world has ended: I am now an iPhone user.

It seems that the first symptom I have come down with since purchasing my iPhone is the urge to accessorize it. Luckily, there is no end to the number of neat accessories you can get for the iPhone, and, more specifically, the number of cases available everywhere you look. It’s almost overwhelming, really. Do you want the red case, or the blue? Do you want to go for durability, or style? What it all comes down to is one simple thing: image. The perfect case must express your sense of style, meet the needs of your daily life, and set your device from the millions of others like it. But what does your iPhone case really say about you?

While observing my customers at work I like to imagine what kind of person they might be based on the case protecting their phone. Based on some of my observations over the past few weeks, this is what I have gathered:

Note: This is all meant to be in good fun (as I absolutely fit into one or more of the categories myself)…

Accident Prone

This person iPhone-er is someone who is no stranger to broken devices- whether it’s death by toilet or a good crash to the pavement. The look of their case is secondary to the protection it provides, so you are probably going to see them walking around with a phone the size of a small automobile. Not so stylish, but definitely closer to indestructible.

Cases in this Category: Otterbox, Case-mate’s Tank

The Girly-Girl

This person is a lover of all things pink, glittery, or Hello Kitty related. The flashier the better. I have even talked to customers who would absolutely fall into this category who have taken the time to hand-glue their own rhinestones onto a case to customize it as their own. Style may take top priority over protection for these iPhone users.

Cases in this Category: Cate-mate’s Glam Case, Blingcases.com

The Designer

This person wants to express them self to the point that no case off the shelf will do. This iPhone user has created their own custom designed case using artwork of their choosing. When you are going with one of the most widely used phones in the world, this is the one avenue left available for those people that truly want to keep their device unique.

Cases in this Category: Zazzle.com, Getuncommon.com

James Bond

I have created this category because of a customer I met the other day. When asking him about his case, he told me he picked it because, “it looked like what James Bond would put on his iPhone.” So there you go. This category is for those of you out there that want the sleek, stylish, and techy/ultra expensive looking. I can’t guarantee it will come with any cool spy gear, though.

Cases in this Category: fireTi4, Karas Kustoms

The Multitasker

Why just carry a phone, when you can carry your wallet, keys, spare change, and a snack all in one! Alright, maybe no case is that awesome, but people in this category enjoy getting as much use out of their pocket space as possible by combining their phone and wallet into one. Key word: convenience.

Cases in this Category: The BookBook, Michael Kors Wallet Clutch

The Purist

No Case, no cover, no nothing. You want everyone to see that Apple logo on the back of your phone and know exactly what it is you have in your hand. This person is either not concerned about damage to their phone, has a hard time making decisions, or is just plain crazy.

Cases in this Category: None

So let’s hear it. What is your favorite iPhone case, and what do you think it says about you?


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