What’s New: Cool New Cases and Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4

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What’s New: Cool New Cases and Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4

On March 14, Samsung officially announced the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4– the newest smartphone in their already successful Galaxy S lineup. Now that Samsung’s Galaxy phones have officially reached “iPhone-like” popularity among technology fanatics, accessory manufacturers know the value of responding with their own cases and accessories matched to fit each new model. According to GeekaPhone, over $495 million were spent on cell phone accessories in the last nine months. With profits like these in the aftermarket industry, it’s not surprising that companies are racing to supply the initial accessories for the newest Samsung phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 is their best phone to date! Here is a selection of some of the cases and accessories already announced:

Galaxy S4 S View CoverGalaxy S4

The S View Cover is, essentially, the upgraded version of Samsung’s popular Flip Cover. While this case still provides a Flip Cover-like experience, it also has a rectangular window at the top that allows users to quickly glance at a number of different phone notifications, such as the time, battery level, email alerts, and caller ID information. The S View Cover will also wake and sleep the Samsung Galaxy S4 when opened and shut.


Galaxy S4 S Game Pad

Galaxy S4

The Samsung Game Pad is a new kind of accessory that is perfectly set to accompany the large screen and HD display of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (although Samsung says the controller will work with any phone with a screen size between 4in and 6.3in). The Game Pad is a Bluetooth controller for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and has a number of buttons, dual analog sticks, a traditional D-pad, and shoulder buttons on the back that all look very similar to the Microsoft’s XBox controller layout. It is great when features are more enhanced than changed so that it is a lot easier to adjust to.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Pad and CoverGalaxy S4

Although this is really more of a back plate swap-out than a phone cover, this Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory allows the device to be placed on a pad to charge, without the use of any plugs or cables. This comes in handy when you are on the go and a plug or cable is no where in sight. This is the same wireless charging standard previously released in Google’s Nexus 4 and the Nokia Lumia 920.



OtterBox, Speck, and More Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4

All of the big case makers have been quick to get consumers excited about their upcoming products for the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Speck’s website
shows mock-up designs of some of their popular cases, redesigned for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and encourages visitors to sign up for emails notifying them of when the cases will be available for purchase. OtterBox, famous for rugged phone cases, is being a little bit more vague in their Samsung Galaxy S4 case design, but encourages website visitors to sign up for a similar email notification. Continue to keep an eye out over the next month or so for more Samsung Galaxy S4 cases to pop up from your favorite accessory-makers, because there are bound to be plenty.


So what do you think? Are you excited for the Samsung Galaxy S4, and all of the new accessory options that go with it? Or do you think the new Samsung device is far from revolutionary?

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