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With the wave of recent logo redesigns in the media, we thought it would be a good time to recap the logo redesign HZO underwent last year and the thought and effort that went in to the process.

Redesigning a logo is no easy task. It’s imperative to make sure a company is still capturing the essence of the brand while improving on the previous logo. To redesign a logo is not always a necessity, but usually born out of a recognized need, such as a bringing the mark’s design cues to the modern era or to align with a shift in company strategy. For HZO, it was a combination of such factors.


When HZO was founded in 2011, the company had one focus: protecting electronics from water damage. This concept was reflected by naming our main product WaterBlock™ as well as integrating a watery blue ripple into the corporate logo.

But when it comes to start ups, a lot can change in a year. The company quickly realized that regular water was not the only culprit when it came electronic failure. Other liquids, gases, dusts and sprays proved equal enemies in not only the consumer electronics realm, but life science and industrial markets as well. It was becoming clear that HZO had aspirations to not only water proof electronics, but liquid proof devices in a wide variety of market sectors. At the end of the day, the company logo had to be agnostic to this approach. The blue ripples had to go.

We also wanted to make sure that consumers would be able to recognize that a product had been Protected with HZO. This meant creating a minimalist logo that could be scaled for visibility and recognizable on the smallest of devices.

With our new logo requirements in hand, we began engaging with outside creative sources to begin developing possible options. As expected, even though our requests were narrow, the results were wide and varied.


We began to take a liking to some of the logos concepts being generated by Red Olive. The SLC based company had a solid track record of great design, and we were liking the direction they were taking their concepts. We worked carefully with them to twerk (tweak and rework) their designs until the efforts had been refined to a logo we felt reflected our brand objectives.


The interlocking logo with the negative space “Z” was a clear winner in our book. It was a minimal, but impactful mark that represented our technology, as well as our business goals.


We just felt like it needed to be thinned up a bit.


For instant recognizability, we colored the “Z”.


This gave us a diverse logo that allowed plenty of creative flexibility, while still maintaining a consistent brand look.

We debuted the logo at CES 2014 with great reception and excitement. Since then, the logo has served us well as as the company continues to elevate brand awareness and associate the power of our coating technology with electronics that are resistant to liquids and corrosion. If you see the HZO logo on product packaging or hear that the thin-film coating is on the inside of the device, know that you’re getting the best protection available.

Demand more from water protected devices.  Demand HZO.


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