Why Corrosion-Resistant Technologies Matter [Infographic]

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Corrosion-resistant technologies matter. Corrosion is more of an issue for product design teams that produce electronic products than ever before. The days of desktop computers perched safely on an office desk are long gone. Hazardous environments and use cases are issues across markets, including consumer electronics, automotive, connected medical devices, industrial, and IoT.

Many environmental factors that can cause corrosion are now common threats to today’s electronics, including humidity, pollution, and water damage. No matter what industry you work in, the stakes are high. Consumers and customers expect your product to run reliably, and the more corrosive the environment, the less reliable your electronic product will be without a dependable, sound engineering design.

This infographic covers the devastating consequences of corrosion for the electronics industry. The repercussions of corrosive damage include downtime, recalls, warranty claims, and reputation loss, which is why corrosive damage is so costly for businesses.

anti-corrosion technologies infographic anti-corrosion technologies infographic

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What This Means For You – Corrosion-Resistant Technologies

Now that you have seen the costly consequences of corrosion, you may be wondering how to protect your product best with corrosion-resistant technologies. Legacy protection methods could easily be used in the past, including increasing corrosion resistance with seals and encapsulation. While these methods still have their place and can prevent corrosive ingress in certain situations, corrosion protection coatings are more frequently utilized as redundant protection alongside legacy methods or alone.

Anti-corrosion coatings work particularly well for miniaturization, where space is limited, projects requiring electronic products to be lightweight, or applications requiring the minimization of e-waste where the disposal of bulky, heavy products is discouraged.


HZO Offers One of the Best Coatings for Corrosion Resistance

HZO provides a polymeric corrosion-resistant coating called Parylene. Parylene possesses exceptional barrier properties and can provide just as much – and often more – corrosion protection at 50% thinness of conventional coatings.

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Additionally, the CVD coating application process leads to pinhole and defect-free coatings and superior conformality, further bolstering electronic reliability in highly corrosive environments.

Watch Dr. Sean Clancy expand on Parylene chemical resistance in his webinar


If you are evaluating corrosion protection methods, we encourage you to reach out to our engineering team so they can determine your specifications and help you locate the most appropriate solution for your project.

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