Meet HZO Online at CES 2022 To Gain the Competitive Edge With Conformal Coatings

CES 2022 is back in person in Las Vegas – are you?

Register to meet up with HZO at the event for a free product reliability evaluation to determine if your product is ready for the harsh environments it may encounter, including:

  • Water, sweat, bodily fluids, oils, and more
  • Corrosives
  • Contaminants
  • Dielectric & thermal variability

HZO has been hard at work optimizing our protective coating technologies, specifically engineered to withstand the threats mentioned above and more. We’re also excited to give you a sneak peek of our technology road map at CES 2022.

When you schedule a ½ hour meeting with us at CES, you’ll learn:

  • How HZO’s coatings are formulated to meet your protection needs
  • Why protection is critical for reliable design, regardless of the industry
  • What protective coatings are best for what threats
  • How to apply quality protection on a mass-production scale

With CES 2022 back in person, our schedule is filling up. Schedule a meeting today!

Register Below and We’ll Reach Out To Schedule A Time To Meet