How to Evaluate if Protective Thin-Film Coatings are Right for Your Business – A Five-Step Guide

By 2025, there will be over 55B connected devices throughout the world. Most of these products will require protection from various liquids, corrosives, and other environmental challenges. Understanding what needs protection, how much, and how to best protect these products will be crucial for businesses to mitigate risk, improve reliability, and provide value to their respective customer bases. Read our 5-step guide to learn how you can implement next-generation protection for your electronics.

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There are five topics to consider to ultimately determine if thin-film coatings are right for your business:

  1. Environment Hazards
  2. Business Case
  3. Component Review
  4. Protection Requirements
  5. Design Constraints

Download the guide today to evaluate if thin-film coatings are right for your business.