‘How waterproof do I need to be?’ ‘What is an IP Rating and what does it mean for my project?’ These, and many other questions can be answered with HZO’s diverse resources below.

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Why is Waterproofing Critical for Reliable Design In Consumer Electronics?

How Waterproof Do I Need To Be?

How Can I Get The Most Out Of Protective Nanocoatings?

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CYA Document Series

Accelerating Business Growth by Reducing Liquid
Damage in Smartphones

What is the Ingress Protection (IP) Rating and What Does It Mean?

Fact Sheet: The Most Durable, Reliable Water Protection for Consumer Electronics

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It is estimated that over 300 million phones are destroyed every year, costing the industry over $100 billion. Now, more than ever, consumer electronic brands and manufacturers need to ensure their products are meeting the challenges of the environments face.

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