Article Highlight: ‘A Second Layer of Safety: Circuit Breaker Coatings’ HZO’s Rachael Lerebours in IPP&T Magazine

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Rachael Lerebours | Originally Published in IPP&T February 2021

Article Highlights:

  • Industrial circuit-breakers are safety-critical equipment. 
  • Any failure, even one that lasts moments, can cause significant financial damage.
  • Molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) are the de facto standard for industrial applications.
  • While they are getting smarter, circuit breakers still comprise sensitivity circuitry that needs protection.
  • Arcing and hazardous threats can endanger their reliability.
  • Parylene is used to protect MCCB components and has superior proven protection capabilities

Just as they protect facilities, the circuit breakers themselves need to be protected. 

Ryan Moore

Ryan is a 9-year veteran to the world of protecting electronics from harsh environments and a lover of all things technology.

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