Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Protection

Automotive electronics endure harsh environments, and conformal coatings have become a valued form of protection to ensure functionality and reliability. Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are essential components that need to remain operational throughout a vehicle’s life span. At HZO, our coatings provide the superior ECU protection your application requires.

Why Are Reliable ECUs Important?

ECUs are responsible for overseeing, regulating, and altering a vehicle’s electronic system, supporting functions such as anti-lock brakes and electronic fuel injection systems.

While some of these functions support safety in a vehicle, many of them help cars run altogether. ECU damage can lead to unreliable starting or failure to start altogether. As such, ECUs are often expected to last as long as the vehicle. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires an 8-year or 80,000-mile warranty for all ECUs.

As modern automobiles incorporate more functions, a single vehicle may contain up to 80 ECUs. Therefore, a thin yet effective coating is vital for electronic control unit corrosion resistance.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires an 8-year or 80,000-mile warranty for all ECUs.

HZO Specializes in ECU Corrosion Resistance

Our Parylene coatings are the ideal solution for ECU protection. Parylene protection is thin and lightweight and thrives in many mission-critical applications, including automotive, reaching beyond the abilities of traditional conformal coatings. The following are just some of the electronic systems HZO coatings can protect.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Electronic Fuel Injection

Lane Assist Systems

Climate Control

Navigation Systems

As thin as a few microns, Parylene coatings significantly reduce the bulk and thickness found in conventional coatings. This reduction in mass not only promotes lightweighting, but makes it easier to accommodate more ECUs without crowding systems.

Pinhole-free, consistent coverage with superior barrier properties ensures that moisture and chemicals cannot damage vital components. These characteristics are essential for ECU longevity, considering the severe automotive service environment. The following are just some of the electronic systems HZO coatings can protect.

What Our ECU Protective Coatings Can Do

ECUs generate high amounts of heat when they operate, leading to system damage with long-term heat exposure. Parylene F exhibits superior thermal resistance, ideal for maintaining protective performance throughout high heat exposure. Meanwhile, Parylene C is the most effective conformal coating available for corrosion protection at its thickness.

HZO’s Parylene coatings offers lightweight, highly reliable, proven protection, allowing you to downgrade enclosures and eliminate the need for many complex engine enclosures. In addition, with high resistance to heat, corrosion, and moisture, your ECUs can meet and exceed the EPA’s required performance warranty.


Parylene Coatings at HZO Offer Excellent Protection From:

  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • Salt Mist
  • Oil
  • Chemicals
  • Other Hazardous Elements

Choose HZO for ECU Protection

At HZO, we offer convenient, end-to-end coating solutions to meet automotive reliability needs. If you need ECU protection and want to avoid the bulk and weight of traditional electronic protection methods, get in touch with our team today to learn more about our coating services or get a quote.

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