Build Brand Equity With Versatile Hearables Protection That Can Withstand Sweat, Submersion, and More

Today’s hearables provide a multitude of powerful functions, including noise cancellation, smart assistant access, and improved wireless connectivity. These functionalities are increasing the usage and demand of an ever-growing hearables market. But as consumer electronics OEMs and their design teams know, improved reliability is one of the most critical features driving consumer adoption.

The Hearables Operating Environment

Consumers expect hearables to operate through exposure to:


Cleaning Fluids


Chlorinated Water



Hearables Design Hurdles

Hearables that maintain reliability through a range of jeopardizing environments is now standard and a contingency for purchase. Not only will the quality of your ruggedization either promote or discourage sales, but many of these miniaturized devices also cannot be repaired. Required replacement can be costly, frequently over $60 per bud, with additional expenses associated with downtime and logistics.

Legacy protection solutions such as seals have their place. Still, with an emphasis on portability, small form factors, and reliability, they may raise design constraints and fall short as intended barriers to entry in the hearables environment.

Seals can temporarily provide water resistance, but corrosive and slippery sweat can easily penetrate hearable devices. Humidity is another threat that, in vapor form, can easily pass through seals.

Required replacement can be costly, frequently over $60 per bud, with additional expenses associated with downtime and logistics.

HZO Hearables Coatings

HZO customers have found that our solution of protecting internal PCBs and batteries with our coatings solves corrosion and minimization issues. At a thickness of 50 microns at most, our coatings are thin, lightweight, surprisingly robust, and long-lasting amid the challenging hearables environment.

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Acoustic vibration quickly dissipates moisture and water. Coatings are not necessary and can alter tone.



Coatings are not recommended or required - they are inherently waterproof.



Salt from sweat can quickly compromise integrity. Accidental submersion is a frequent occurrence.



Coin cell battery should be protected from corrosive liquids.

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At HZO, our solutions revolve around the customer, starting with DFM services, and walking partners every step of the way through the coating process. We deliver a turnkey solution easily deployed into your production and various business models to suit your convenience. If you require a ramp-up to mass production, we can scale as you do with optimized equipment that expands the use of gold standard coatings into verticals such as consumer electronics. For more information, reach out with a question, or request a quote.

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