A LIDAR sensor in an autonomous car on a snowy road, a security camera in a polluted or humid environment, or a smart speaker in a kitchen that is prone to splashes, spills, and household cleaners. These are just some of the use cases where manufacturers have recognized the need for greater device protection.

With our growing dependency on the Internet of Things, accelerating manufacturers are looking for ways to deliver a better, more durable product experience. HZO protects electronics from the most demanding environments with world-class circuit board protective coating in both conformal coatings, nano coatings and parylene coatings. This proven approach, across industries and offerings, affords greater degrees of freedom and reliability, wherever and whenever, we use our electronic devices.

  • Consumer Electronics

Our lives have been redefined by the advancements in smartphone technology, wireless audio, tablets, laptops, and other portable gadgetry. Unfortunately, the one thing they all have in common is their susceptibility to spills, splashes, and submersion. This can impact our work, leave us stranded on the side of a road, and out of pocket hundreds of dollars.

Ensuring device dependability and continuity of service can be as simple as a adding a protective material layer over the electronics so it’s protected from water. HZO’s proven processes and practices, delivered as a service, helps protect what matter most in our lives.

  • Smart Homes

Smart homes make our lives convenient. But what happens when things go wrong? Water from leaky or broken pipes, extreme temperatures, humidity, chlorinated liquids, sticky beverages, and more, can find their way into delicate electrical components that control and manage key components of our homes. When the circuitry of our electronics is compromised, through slow corrosion or quick short-circuiting, customer’s lives are affected, and manufacturers can be on the hook for expensive warranty claims, failure-related liabilities, or extensive brand damage.

Best in class practices embrace the use of protective measures to ensure the integrity of a device. HZO’s thin-film conformal coatings are among the best ways to ensure device reliability and longevity, providing protection from the inside out, and ensuring continuity of use and service.

  • Connected Cities

Throughout the world, cameras monitor traffic flows and adjust lights accordingly, air quality is constantly monitored sending notifications to the proper channels, and noise sensors detect gun shots and subsequently alert authorities. Keeping a city running, its citizens safe, and cost contained, relies on the dependability of each and every device in the network.

Whether it’s the simple act of keeping a street light working, a parking meter operating, or a 911 system transmitting, HZO designs and delivers the protective coatings that helps ensure a connected city stays connected.

  • Safety & Security

Outdoor sensors, security cameras, and environmental sensors, are just some of the devices that are exposed 24/7 to various elements. Rain can beat down hard on these components, allowing water to ingress where mechanical seals might fail. High winds can blow water into these same crevices. Even pollution can find its way past existing safeguards and corrupt essential circuitry.

Protecting circuitry at a component or board level is a simple and cost-effective measure to standing up to mother nature and avoiding costly service calls and returns. HZO’s dedicated application engineering team can help design and develop the perfect nature-proof solution to help keep the lights on, locks working, and cameras recording.

  • Telecommunication & Utilities

Cell phone towers, wind turbines, and utility meters are just some examples of critical infrastructure that are constantly exposed to varying elements. Salt fog, humidity, rain, hail, snow, pollution, and dust storms are a very real threat to the electronics found in these infrastructure devices. When these devices fail, lives can be put at risk and at a minimum individuals and businesses alike are inconvenienced.

HZO’s ability to ensure continuity of operation can be found in our Spectrum of ProtectionTM, helping ensure that the turbines keep spinning, repeaters keep transmitting, and utilities keep metering well beyond their expected lifetime – be it years or decades.

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