Printed Circuit Board Conformal Coatings

Great Products Made by Design

Great device designers don’t just make products that are easy to use and look good. Excellent product design takes reliability into account. Unfortunately, liquids and corrosive substances can hinder performance or cause failure, reducing the dependability of the devices you design. Waterproof PCB coating augments device reliability, bolstering fragile circuitry.

Conformal Coatings for Printed Circuit Boards:

  • Applied as a thin layer, conserving space
  • Lightweight, reducing bulk
  • Diminish or eliminate the need for obtuse, complex enclosures
  • Protect the substrate against corrosive and chemical damage
  • Diminish failure caused by environmental hazards

There are several conformal coating materials, each with distinctive characteristics and advantages. Still, Parylene leads in performance against challenging conditions and preserving product function over time, reducing the possibility of product failures, and resulting warranty costs.

Parylene Conformal Coating for Your PCB

Parylene is a proven conformal coating for printed circuit boards that has been used for decades to protect devices across industries including industrial, medical, IoT, consumer electronics, and automotive. Continue reading to learn more about waterproofing your PCB with a protective coating.

a coating scientist looking at a circuit board

Benefits of Using Parylene Coatings To Protect Your PCB

Parylene is a uniform polymer film that provides a ubiquitous, uniform circuit board coating that is pinhole free.

Parylene is non-liquid, so it does not pool during application. No curing process is necessary.

The printed circuit board protective coating thickness can be controlled from 1 micron to 100 microns in a single operation, making it substantially lighter and thinner than other conformal coatings.

Parylene has desirable properties as a waterproof PCB coating, including high dielectric strength, low dielectric constant, and a low water vapor transmission rate. Continue reading to learn more about conformal coatings for circuit boards.


Our Reliable PCB Coating Method

Parylene PCB waterproof coating is applied in an enclosed chamber with a vacuum process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD).

Vacuum deposition coating with Parylene is a process free of VOC emissions, flammability, toxic byproducts, and waste disposal.

Many parts can be coated simultaneously, making CVD a practical, attractive choice.

Your Reliable PCB Protective Coating Partner

We know that the electronics design process includes aspects that are complex, time-consuming, and inefficient. That’s why we built our business from the ground up to simplify the protection process for your PCB waterproof coating.

HZO’s optimized equipment, high volume production experience, and range of coating technologies drive down expenses, which means that you can benefit from the top of the line protection at a reasonable price. When it comes to protective coatings for circuit boards, there’s no better choice than HZO.

Why Partner With HZO?

We aren’t just a chemistry or equipment provider; we understand PCBs, corrosion, coatings, waterproof, and PCB protection. We design innovative solutions to solve real-world problems. Reach out for a Parylene consultation today to speak to an expert about a custom circuit board waterproof conformal coating.

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