Kamal Bherwani

Posted on June 6th, 2019 by

Kamal Bherwani has more than 30 years of global technology and operating experience with multibillion-dollar enterprises across both the public and private sectors in CEO (Chief Executive Officer), CIO (Chief Information Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), and CDO (Chief Digital Officer) roles. Currently, Kamal is the CEO of GCOM Software, a leading software and technology services focusing on the public sector. Previously, he served as the Chief Technology Officer of Inversora Agroindustrial Global, leading technology strategy, architecture, and operations as well as global private and venture capital technology investments. He has also spent a significant portion of his career in New York City under the administration of multiple Mayors, including as the first Chief Information Officer of the City’s Health and Human Services domain, comprised of several agencies focusing on social services, criminal justice, and health. Additionally, Kamal serves on a number of other company Boards, focusing on technology, energy, and media.

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