HZO Total Solution Delivers Unmatched Electronics Protection

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HZO Delivers Beginning to End Solution to Manufacturers and Device Makers for Unmatched Electronics Protection

The technology solutions company will unveil new, eye-popping demos at CES 2015 in booth # 36247 and share its vision of creating an HZO Protected World. 

Draper, UT, January 4, 2015 – HZO, Inc., the total solutions leader in submersible thin film protective technology for any kind of component, electronic assembly, sensor or device will return to CES to showcase a series of innovations the company has made over the last 12 months and share their vision for creating an HZO Protected World.

To demonstrate the power of its technology solution, HZO will reveal several fully submerged 40” flat screen Sony TVs that will run underwater. By using such a large demonstration, HZO puts a spotlight on its ability to apply its solution to complicated devices of all sizes, giving people confidence that HZO can protect devices of any size and complexity.

“It’s our mission to make sure people have access to HZO Protected devices, and this demo will really open people’s eyes to the power of what we do,” said Michael Bartholomeusz, CEO of HZO.


HZO’s success in delivering what coating companies can’t lies in its patented process, and is driven by an engineering team that eagerly tackles complex electronic protection challenges. Rather than applying a one-size-fits-all approach, the HZO team of skilled engineers, scientists, and technicians thrive on tearing down and analyzing electronics to understand individual device intricacies and complexities–from connectors and port openings to layered circuit boards.

Also this year at CES, HZO will be educating attendees about its HZO Silver level of protection, specifically designed to secure products from accidental splashes and exposure to liquids, but not full and extended submersion.

“We start each engagement by ensuring we understand customer requirements for device protection, and testing protocols”, noted Sergio Leveratto, HZO Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “There is a lot of noise in the market about electronics protection and standards like IPX7, and HZO strives to clarify how our total solution differs from alternatives.”

HZO continues to innovate and grow its extensive IP portfolio, and customers reap the benefits of the company’s ongoing innovations. HZO was recently awarded a patent on its application process, and filed an important patent surrounding its approach to ensure that charging ports are not a source of failure in device protection.

For more information and demonstrations, visit HZO at CES in the South Hall at booth 36247, and at www.hzo.com.

About HZO, Inc.

HZO is an award winning technology solutions and licensing company that provides electronics’ manufacturers and device makers across a range of industries, from consumer, medical, military, and industrial, with groundbreaking nanotechnology protection against damage caused by liquid submersion, corrosive environments, humidity, sweat, dust, and debris. With scalable endtoend solutions that support mass volume production and a world class technical team dedicated to innovation and customer success, HZO’s patent protected solution enables product design freedom, delivers product differentiation and goes beyond the boundaries defined by electronics testing standards like IPX7. Winner of the 2012, CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, the Stevie Award for Best New Product (2013) & Technology Company of the Year in China (2014), and Best Technology and Best in Show Awards at Wearable Tech Expo in 2013 & 2014, HZO is the total solution provider for device makers. For more information and contact info, visit https://hzo.com.



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