Media Proclaim HZO Protection a Highlight of 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

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Media Proclaim HzO’s WaterBlock™ a Highlight of 2012 Consumer Electronics Show


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – January 12, 2012 – In countless articles, blogs and broadcasts, WaterBlock™ technology by HZO (www.hzo.com) is being named one of “the most astonishing products…at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), going on now in Las Vegas.  Good Morning America called WaterBlock™, which received the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, “technology at its best,” and one of the “hottest gadgets for 2012.”

“The immense interest from media and potential customers at this show is a strong validation of the strength of our technology and market timing for HZO,” said Paul Clayson, president and chief executive of HZO.  “WaterBlock™ will change the way electronics are used.  I want to personally invite anyone who has not yet seen what it can do to come enjoy a demonstration at Booth 35825 before CES concludes on Friday.”

Here is a brief survey of what the media are saying:

The New York Times: “The most astonishing products here at the International Consumer Electronics Show are often the ones you can’t buy yet, like a process called WaterBlock from the company HZO. In a demonstration, an iPod with the WaterBlock treatment — not enclosed in any kind of case or covering — was dropped in a fish tank while playing, and it played on undisturbed … for hours.”

TechWorld: “Plunge your iPhone in water.  No case required.  A Utahbased company has developed a way to make iPhones and other gadgets waterproof. Attendees at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show have been pulling up short at HZO’s demonstrations, which include a fully functional iPhone repeatedly submerged in water yet still playing music, and an iPad that works after it has been dunked.”

USA Today: Nothing catches your attention more than seeing a Samsung tablet and iPod Nano completely submerged in water. Then demonstrators pull them out of their tank and turn them on. How is this possible? A new technology called WaterBlock from HZO that keeps the insides of a device dry, even after it takes a plunge. WaterBlock is a thin film conformal-coating that covers the circuitry inside a smartphone, tablet or other device.

MacWorld: “Rather than create a waterproof case, HZO opens up the devices and waterproofs the internal components. The device can even fill up with water and continue to work.”

TechCrunch: “50 Cent weighs in (on) waterproof phones.  Among other things, he seemed to be quite enamored with HZO’s impressive waterproofing technology, which we got a glimpse of in action last night. He even revealed that he talked to HzO about the potential of teaming up to create waterproof headsets, though that’s not all he’d like to see getting the waterproof treatment.  ‘We should be waterproofing telephones,’ Mr. Cent said. I’m right there with him, though I guess he didn’t see the Galaxy S II (protected by HZO’s WaterBlock™) survive getting dunked last night.”

Brighthand Smartphone News & Reviews: I saw an amazing demonstration from HZO…. [T]his company has developed a process that builds protection in on a molecular level. It adds not the slightest hint of extra bulk to the device, but seems to provide perfect protection.

Forbes: “A waterproofing treatment is making wet smartphones a thing of the past, giving consumers added protection for their beloved devices…The revolutionary technology gives devices a thin, waterproof nano-coating — from the inside out — that protects the circuitry inside.”



HzO’s (www.hzo.com) proprietary WaterBlock™ is cutting-edge technology that protects valuable electronics from water, humidity, and other liquids. Powerful and invisible, WaterBlock™ protects on the molecular scale. HzO is commercializing WaterBlock by protecting consumer electronics, military, solar energy, first responder devices, marine, industrial and other markets. Consumer devices operating with HZO technology can be viewed in this PC World article and this YouTube video.


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