HZO Hosts 5 Things You Need to Know About Waterproofing Electronics and Corrosion Protection Webinar

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Zsolt Pulai, EVP of Engineering and Technology, Will Deliver Key Insights on How to Eliminate Unnecessary Service Costs and Product Liability

Raleigh, NC – May 27, 2020 – HZO, a global leader in delivering world-class protective nanocoatings that safeguard electronics from the most demanding corrosive and liquid environments is hosting an industry webinar, “5 Things You Need to Know About Waterproofing Electronics and Corrosion Protection” on Wednesday, June 10 at 11:00 am EDT via Zoom.

Waterproofing electronics and providing corrosion protection is simply good business, as it ensures device reliability and user satisfaction while eliminating unnecessary service costs and product liability.

  1. Why all conformal coatings are not created equal. 
  2. How to design a nextgeneration waterproof and corrosion protection solution. 
  3. How protective coatings drive real ROI, including reducing operating costs, improving uptime, delivering incremental revenue, and mitigating liability. 
  4. Why the market is turning to thinfilm alternatives and nanocoatings for more than liquid and corrosion protection, including better thermal and dielectric management. 
  5. How to choose the best protection vendor. 

Webinar presenter, Zsolt Pulai, joined HZO in 2017 as Vice President of Engineering. Before HZO, Zsolt was the CEO of ZPL Technologies, a manufacturing system deployment firm that proved critical in the development and deployment of proprietary HZO protective layering equipment into various manufacturing processes.

Zsolt’s equipment experience includes 10+ years designing deposition equipment for the thin-film solar industry. Prior to this, Zsolt was a software engineering consultant for manufacturing control systems and mechanical solutions, including tool-and-die deliverables for companies including Audi and Phillips. Zsolt holds degrees in Software Engineering, Embedded Programming, and Factory Automation Engineering from Szechenyi University in Gyor, Hungary. He has an MBA Degree in Business Strategy from the MBA Institute and is a Scrum Master Certified Engineer.

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HZO is a global leader in delivering world-class protective nano coatings that safeguard electronics from the most demanding corrosive and liquid environments. The company brings together people, processes, capital equipment, and material science, leveraging an extensive patent portfolio to create unique solutions to meet specific customer requirements. Working with some of the largest companies across industries including consumer electronics, industrial, IoT, medical devices and automotive, HZO delivers a better, more reliable, and more durable water-resistant and waterproof product that reduces costly returns, improves customer satisfaction and drives overall brand value.

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