Conformal Coating Pricing

To calculate costs, our technical team will first break down and analyze your device to understand how to protect it best completely. Once we fully understand the complexity of your products and needs, we can recommend a superior protection solution and quote a price.

In general, the coating price will be contingent upon surface area, material, volume, thickness, and application. Other factors, like masking and de-masking, may also impact the cost.

two coating experts pricing out a PCB

HZO Pricing Factors

Surface Area

surface icon

The surface area and complexity of your PCB.


material icon

The type of coating material chosen from our Spectrum of Protection™


volume icon

The number of units you are looking to ultimately protect.


thickness icon

Thickness required for the protection required.


application icon

Required material coating application method.

This price is reflective of our turnkey approach that provides the necessary equipment, material(s), process (Intellectual property), and people. There is no technology to license or coating equipment to purchase, and pricing starts at under $0.10 a part. “A la carte” services, such as coating only without masking and de-masking, are also available.

Your outcome, and price, is for a protected product – guaranteed. To learn more about how HZO achieved 99% Yield Quality with a 33% board increase per run for one of our customers, read our case study.

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