Prevent Premature Failure With Corrosion-Resistant Coatings

For products that incorporate electronic components, opportunities for corrosion abound. Electronics may regularly be exposed to humidity, liquids, chemicals, harsh weather, and other constituents that promote corrosion. Although it is an inevitable natural process, premature, unexpected product failure can be prevented with corrosion protection coatings.

Which Corrosion Prevention Coating is Best?

When it comes to electronic corrosion protection, Parylene is by far, the best conformal coating on the market. Parylene is:

Highly Resistant

Highly resistant to vapor, moisture, various chemicals, and corrosive gases. 

High Purity

A high purity coating free of
defects and pinholes.

Protective Properties

The best Gas Permeability and WVTR properties.


Impervious to moisture and insoluble in chemicals found in most industrial and end-user environments.

Physical Barrier

An excellent physical barrier to various types of contamination, such as foreign object debris (FOD), dust, and airborne salts.  

Ultra Thin

Ultra thin, lightweight, and highly conformal. HZO Parylene coatings have passed IPC IPC CC-830C testing at 50% film thickness of other conformal coatings.

Download the HZO Datasheet to confirm that our corrosion-resistant coatings meet your application requirements 

What Industries Benefit from Corrosion-Resistant Coatings? 

Because so many factors in the environment can contribute to corrosion, virtually any industry can benefit from Parylene’s corrosion prevention properties. However, Parylene has historically been reserved for mission-critical applications due to cost constraints and issues with scalability.

We have addressed these issues with our industry-leading automation equipment that cuts costs and our optimized coating chambers that can reduce coating runs and house larger, or more abnormally shaped components.

If you are interested in Parylene’s corrosion resistance but did not consider it an option due to cost, adaptability, or scalability, we highly encourage you to contact us today.

Image of low cost Parylene equipment