Conformal Coatings for Corrosion Protection

Industry-specific electronics must survive a wide range of conditions. Whether you work in aerospace engineering or biotechnology, protecting your printed circuit boards (PCBs) is crucial to the function of your devices.

You need to be particularly aware of corrosion and how it can affect your PCB and your product’s overall performance. Conformal coatings are a preferred method of PCB corrosion protection for easy application and thorough coverage.

Which Conformal Coating is Best For Corrosion Protection?

Parylene is the most effective type of conformal coating for corrosion protection for many applications. While this extremely thin coating is lightweight, it’s also pinhole-free, making the chemical layer consistent and reliable. This full-coverage coating is inert and stable as well, creating the ultimate barrier against moisture, humidity, solvents, chemicals, and gases.

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The Importance of Corrosion Resistant Coating Protection

Regardless of your industry, you need your electronics to operate at their best. Corrosion poses a massive risk to functionality. This phenomenon occurs when liquids or moisture come in contact with your PCB and can lead to the gradual breakdown of solder joints, leads, and traces. When these parts of your PCB are compromised, you might find your devices failing on you with minimal warning, disrupting operations, adding unnecessary downtime, and potentially causing operator harm. Electronic corrosion protection can completely protect your device’s fragile circuitry while still allowing it to perform.


What Are Conformal Coatings?

Conformal coatings are polymeric barriers that are applied to sensitive electronic parts, like PCBs. These coatings conform tightly to anything they’re affixed to and prevent any moisture from damaging the material. Conformal coatings can be made from different substances and applied in various ways, all to provide protection. 

A wide range of industries use conformal coatings for safety and the prevention of wear and tear on crucial devices. For example, in equipment like automotive electronics that can become ineffective due to temperature changes and significant weight addition, anti-rust coatings are paramount.


The chart below details various environments and the corrosive constituents that they contain: 


Normal Air Ambient
Salt Water or Salt Spray
Chemical and Solvents

Corrosive Constituents

Moisture, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide
Calcium salts and other metal salts, ions
Sodium and chloride ions, marine organisms
Numerous acids, bases, oxidizing or reducing agents, solvents, strippers, which may come into contact with the part during processing or operation
Moisture, fungus, other microorganisms

Corrosion-Resistant Coatings From HZO

HZO specializes in corrosion-resistant conformal coatings for all types of electronics and components. While traditional coatings are typically applied by way of liquid deposition methodologies such as brushing, spraying, or dipping, we recognize that these methods can create bubbles and cause pooling, leading to vulnerabilities in the protection. However, the Parylene application process relies on chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to ensure a flawless coating with uniform coverage.

Our HZO Guardian Series™ uses Parylene for corrosion-resistant coatings to give you the ultimate protection. However, thin-film coatings are not one-size-fits-all, so we strive to find the type that best protects your electronics. With our team of experts and our deep-domain expertise of material-based science, we’ll provide an electronic coating that gives you protection ideal for your products.

Our other coating types include:

With our Parylene coating, you can stay within product weight-restrictions and know that it will provide comprehensive protection, free of defects. Whether you work in automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, IoT or medical devices, our Parylene conformal coating and full Spectrum of Protection™ will be an excellent fit for your devices.

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Protecting your electronics from corrosion is valuable to both the device operation and the people who use it. At HZO, we use our advanced coating technology to give your electronics’ PCBs reliable and dependable protection against moisture. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact us today to learn more about our electronic corrosion protection or request a quote.