Hybrid Coatings

Hybrid Alternative Coating Services for Electronics

When a device meets water, water usually wins. Unfortunately, it does not end there. A slew of other contaminants including beverages, sweat, cleaning fluids, and air pollution can insinuate into circuitry, causing failure and declaring victory.

4 of our different hybrid coating films
Thin-film coatings can protect electronics from a world of corrosives and contaminants. In some circumstances though, standard coatings may not precisely fit the bill. While this is a challenge, you do not have to make an “either/or” decision where you must settle. There are alternative coating services to consider.

Alternative coating services are a great choice if you:

Need a more affordable thin-film coating.

Must achieve a certain level of reliability.

Have unique design specifications.

What are Hybrid Alternative Coatings?

Hybrid alternative coatings are highly customizable stacks of thin-films, a solution we build especially for you. Using hybrid coating nanotechnology, HZO utilizes its people, processes, material science, and equipment to blend materials and methodology into a proven solution. Drawing from a selection of materials from Parylene to polymers, this turnkey solution can exceed your expectations, delivering a prescriptive outcome using hybrid coating processes.

HZO Shield Series™

The HZO Shield Series™, a selection of hybrid coatings, is our solution that can meet unique protection requirements. If you have a device that must operate dependably in harsh, fluctuating environments, hybrid coatings are a strong technology consideration.

What Are The Benefits of Hybrid Alternative Coatings?

Along with the possibility of yielding higher temperature resistance with quicker processing times, hybrid alternative coatings offers other advantages, including:

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Faster processing times and increased throughput

Accelerate your business growth with scalable hybrid solutions.

Expanded scope of electronic component types

Take advantage of flexible protection alternatives to rapidly increase your possibilities.

Customized solutions that you may not have considered before

We bring together the right people and processes that can create original, imaginative solutions.

What Do Hybrid Alternative Coatings Protect Against?

Hybrid alternative coatings protect intricate circuitry from the most damaging environmental threats, such as corrosives, gases, liquids, solids, or salts, to name a few. These advanced multi-layer coatings also have the penetrating potential to protect against novel threats your product may encounter during its lifetime.

Why Choose Hybrid Alternative Coatings to Protect Your Electronic Devices?

Every type of conformal coating isn’t created equally. Hybrid coating companies offer coatings that not only protect electronics but add high-dollar, residual value. If your business needs to deliver dependable, sustainable results that meet specific needs, hybrid alternative coatings are ideal for your devices.

Hybrid coating nanotechnology also helps to:

  • Expand profits and revenue through increased sales and customer purchases.  
  • Mitigate millions of dollars in risk associated with brand damage or loss of customers. 
  • Avoid unnecessary costs as a result of returns and repairs. 

Are Hybrid Alternative Coatings for My Device or Product?

If cost is a primary consideration for your organization, the HZO Shield Series™ will complement your product prescriptively, offering reliable protection at a competitive price. Hybrid coating services are also an option for businesses that need protection that conforms to distinct design specifications.

Why Partner With HZO?

When we create hybrid coatings for thin-film deposition, the best processes, equipment, people, and material science come together to produce an optimal outcome for your business. Contact us today if you would like to know more. No need to be a thin-film expert, when it comes to coatings, we’ve got you covered!

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