Parylene Thin-Film Coatings

Parylene Conformal Coating Services for Electronics

If your business plans to produce a product that needs to withstand the most demanding environments, traditional electronic protection methods will not deliver. While encapsulation and seals are initially good options, these materials do not stand the test of time, wearing away and becoming brittle. Parylene coating services provide an ideal alternative solution to answer your protection needs.

parylene dimer

Parylene is an ultra-thin, lightweight material that provides sturdy, proven protection for electronics across the spectrum, from home and lifestyle to industry and global enterprise. This powerful material outperforms traditional conformal coatings, offering the highest standard of protection at the thinnest amount of coating thickness.

Across industries and applications – automotive, aerospace, medical devices, and home appliances – OEMs choose Parylene coating services to make more reliable products with long-lasting corrosive and contaminant protection.



Parylene protection from HZO yields products that are:

Bulk Free

Efficiently thin microns of Parylene, instead of millimeters or more of conventional coatings.

Pinhole Free

Consistently and conformally  coated – free of pinholes, cracks, or voids.

Worry Free

Proactively protected devices reduce product returns and recalls.

What Are Parylene Coatings?

Parylene conformal coatings are a thin-film protection material produced by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). This process deposits a uniform film on the packaged component that is part of the PCBA.

Deeply penetrating the tiniest of crevices across some of the most complex printed circuit board assembly topography, Parylene is a strong barrier at the microlevel.

HZO Guardian Series™

The HZO Guardian Series™ is our Parylene coating solution brand capable of standing up to environmental threats such as rain, saltwater, humid air, minerals, and bodily fluids.

This solution uses different types of Parylene to meet a variety of design specifications across the electronics industry:

HZO Guardian Plus™

Superior protection against fluids, foreign particles, and other damaging compounds.

HZO Guardian Zero™

Exceptional dielectric strength, completely free of halogens, closely conforming to complex shapes.

HZO Guardian EX™

Excellent protection for situations that demand extreme operating temperatures.

What Are The Benefits of Parylene?

Ultra-Thin and Lightweight Coating
Shed excess weight at micron-level thinness and reduce the bulk of your finished products.
Uniform Thickness
Rest easy with a highly repeatable process that results in minimal variation.
Tin Whisker Mitigation
Prevent product recalls by using Parylene to mitigate damage caused by tin whiskers.
Transparent Layer
Enhance your product’s aesthetics with a visibly clear protective film.
Thermal Stability
Benefit from a material that is inert, able to withstand conditions below freezing.
Superior Chemical Resistance
Parylene out-competes all but the most engineered silicones in resistance to chemical attack.

Parylene Coatings for Electronics –
The HZO Advantage

Think of all the unpredictable environmental threats possible that could affect the functionality of your products. Parylene is the ideal solution and will ensure that your products function reliably in the wake of uncertainty.

As a leading Parylene coating solutions provider, we take a unique approach to the coating process, designing and building proprietary equipment in-house with the industry’s largest coating chambers. This equipment’s large chambers is cube-shaped, allowing for more devices to be coated at once, enhancing reliability, optimizing throughput, and increasing yield.

Why Use Parylene Coatings?

From a smartphone that falls into a swimming pool to a video camera held in a downhill skateboarder’s sweaty palm, everyday electronics require durability for common accidents and extreme circumstances. Parylene allows your products to function as devices should, predictably, and dependably.

Trust HZO to Waterproof Your Device or Product with Parylene Coatings

We know that choosing the best waterproofing and protection method for your product is challenging. No need to be a coating expert! We will walk you through every step in the protection process.


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